Find hidden email accounts free with Facebook Email Bruter v3

Are you also searching 'How can I reveal my email hidden behind Asterix on a social media account recovery page?', If yes, then stick with this tutorial where I'll be showing you how to find hidden email accounts for free. I'll be using my new Facebook Email Bruter v3, and it's coded in Python. Basically, it should be v1 but I already have two videos related to the Facebook email scraper.  If you remember my first video on 'How to find Facebook Friends Hidden Email Using FB Email Bruter', this method is gonna be the same but that video is too old and the tool isn't that good. I also made another Email Bruter in Java and uploaded a video for that as well on YouTube (How to Brute Facebook Emails with Facebook Hidden Email Bruter v2), but again as I said this new Facebook email scraper/ or I should say a bruter tool is much faster and good in comparison to the old ones.  

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Revealing Asterix (hidden) email with FEB v3.

Find hidden email accounts free with Facebook Email Bruter v3

Before grabbing a hand on Facebook Email Bruter v3, you must know how this tool works. I named it a bruter but basically the method it follows is known as a dictionary attack. So you should know how dictionary attacks are performed.

What is a dictionary attack?

The dictionary attack involves systematically entering every word in a dictionary as a password to gain access to a password-protected computer, network, or other IT resource. Dictionary attacks can also be used to find the key to decrypt an encrypted message or document. 

The definition highlights guessing passwords, keys, or even documents, but you can also use it for many other findings as my tool is using it to find hidden facebook emails, and it's not just about Facebook's hidden emails. You can basically use the tool for any asterisk email (hidden email) on the recovery page of any website like find Gmail hidden email, find the Twitter hidden email, find the Instagram hidden email, you got the point. Right!  

One other thing before jumping to the tutorial and tool stuff, users ask me how to reveal an asterisk email address, You can’t. The asterisks aren’t hiding anything. The information isn’t being sent. This is to protect your account. Most of the time they include enough information for the recipient to deduce which of their email addresses they used. For instance, if you have the addresses [email protected] and [email protected], you would be able to tell which of these addresses was being used by the following: t***** Of course, if you are getting t******om, that’s another story. You can't. It's a privacy feature to prevent unauthorized people from seeing it. Basically, it stops hackers from trying to get into your account by hacking your recovery email account.

So, then why I am publishing this Facebook Email Bruter v3, how will it find the hidden email, and even before that why doing an unethical act of finding hidden email. Well, most of my tools and publishing won't be black hat at all, you will find it helpful and educational. For this tool, case consider your Facebook account got hacked and someone changed the email then how to access Facebook when the email has changed? so here come tools based on dictionary attacks that can somewhat help to find the hidden emails.

How do dictionary attacks work?

Dictionary attacks use pre-selected words and phrases to guess passwords. The algorithm assumes users will use basic passwords like "password," "123abc," and "123456.". 

The email bruter is also using the same logic with an email list instead of a word list. In my previous videos, I also used emails.txt from which the tool tried to extract hidden emails. The same method goes this time as well. I have included an email list, but you can use your own or even add more emails to the list. 

Brute-force attack vs. dictionary attack

Countless password permutations are attempted in a brute-force attack compared to a dictionary attack.

Brute-force attacks

A brute-force attack typically tries every possible password in a systematic manner. Completing this process can take several hours, even days or months.

An example of the difference can be found in a five-digit combination lock. When attacking a five-digit lock using a brute-force approach, the attacker attempts every possible combination. There are exactly 100,000 possible combinations for a five-digit lock with individual values ranging from zero to nine.

Dictionary attacks

Dictionary attacks attempt to compromise a system by using a list of likely passwords (SSH Terminal). Unlike brute-force attacks, these attacks are more focused. The dictionary approach avoids the need to try every possible permutation, rather it utilizes a predetermined library of permutations.

12345, a sequential passcode, would be tested, as well as 00000, a static passcode. The dictionary attack may not guess a five-digit permutation if it is particularly unique. A dictionary attack is similar to phishing attacks in that it assumes that a significant percentage of the accounts or users they target will have an easily recognizable five-digit password.

How to brute Facebook Hidden Email, with FEB v3.

Well, there is much more about the attack and how one can use it, but I think that's enough for the startup and you can go search for it in detail. For now, I'll be using my email bruter to show you how to find Facebook email address when it is hidden.

  • First of all download Facebook Email Bruter v3.
  • But before that, the email bruter is coded in Python, so you will need to download and install Python v3.+.
  • If you are using any linux OS, then just update your python version. Otherwise, you can download it from their official website. The Python official site
  • Once you've done with python installation, download FEB v3.
download FEB v3 by tigerzplace

  • If the above download link is not working, then try this ALTERNATE LINK
  • After downloading, extract the email bruter files. It will also contain email.txt. Don't delete that file. 
  • It's better to open CMD in that location and run the brute tool. If you can't do that, then simply double click the new email bruter file and you will get a terminal. 
  • Enter your hidden email, like t****, usually, you get such types of hidden emails on the recovery page of Facebook, Gmail, etc. It doesn't matter at all but the tutorial is for Facebook hidden email extraction, that's why I mentioned which email can be considered as an input.
  • The second thing is the email list, you provide the path/ or if the email list is in the same directory then simply type the name of the file (email list), i.e: emails.txt.
  • Hit Enter and the tool will do its job. On finding any matched email(s), it will make a file for you to get the extracted hidden email.

How to brute Facebook Hidden Email, with FEB v3.

That's all you need to know about the email burter and how to find hidden email accounts free with it. Users also asked me how to find hidden emails on iPhone, and how to find hidden email accounts on android but the email bruter is just for pc right now, maybe Facebook Email Bruter v4 will be online where any user will be able to find hidden email on iPhone, Android or any device.  

You can also watch the video tutorial for it, feel free to leave a comment if you didn't get any point.




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Tigerzplace: Find hidden email accounts free with Facebook Email Bruter v3
Find hidden email accounts free with Facebook Email Bruter v3
Are you also searching 'How can I reveal my email hidden behind Asterix on a social media account recovery page?', If yes, then stick with this tutori
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