How to deposit money in B4U account (using PKR)

Hey there B4U members, I am again here to publish a new blog article for a method related to b4u deposit. Using this tutorial you will be able to know how you can deposit money into your B4U account. Many users already got their accounts but don't know how to start up with the deposit procedure and if they know, still they are a little bit confused and don't want to take risky by depositing money to any other account. So for that, I'll be showing you guys how you can safely deposit money into your B4U account. BTW if you don't know about the B4U account then make sure to check out this complete blog article first: so you can understand what B4U is and how you can earn money from it. You can also watch a complete video tutorial for it here: 

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How to deposit money into a b4u account

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How to deposit money in B4U account (using PKR)

Ok now before jumping straight to the method I'd like you to make sure you have updated your profile section in B4U,  if you can't set up all your detail like BTC wallet, bank account, etc then don't worry leave that empty for right now but make sure to select your country as it is must for going through the deposit process. Once you have set up your profile the next thing you have to do for depositing is to go to the deposit tab (You can find the deposit tab in the sidebar or just click/ visit this link:  In the deposit section, you have to click the "new deposit" button. Once you click it you will get a form where you have to select deposit type.

1. New Investment, which is the above method of depositing money into their bank.

2. Re-Investment, which is not that hard and you need to select just your wallet (Profit/ Bonus) and it will deposit from your own profit or bonus and will be re-invested in your account.  Much more detail in the first comment if you want to get more detail about these investment options. 

For this tutorial I'll be showing you how you can do New Investment because once you have made a new account you can't do re-investment so for that you have to select the first option, then select the currency. Let say USD, the exchange rate is 150 PKR for 1 USD (You can also deposit in Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin/ ETH/ Bitcoin Cash). and lastly, write the amount you want to deposit. For example, if I want to deposit about 107000 PKR in my account so I have to convert this amount in PKR to USD, for that just divide 107000 by 150 because the USD exchange rate is 150 PKR (this is for Pakistani users). So I'll get round about 713 USD which I'll write down in the amount section just below the drop-down list of currency. 

Once you set all these things, click deposit and it will give you bank account information where you have to deposit. I am doing this for Pakistani members so I'll go down to find Pakistan related banks, there will be a list of bank details to which I can make a deposit. Let say I picked bank details for Habib Metropolitan Bank to which I'll have to deposit 107000 PKR. Just deposit the amount online using the internet banking app of your bank if you have your own bank account and you want to deposit from your own bank account using an online bank app so you can do that as well, or you can go to that bank branch which is Habib Metropolitan Bank in my case and deposit personally. You will have to write the account title as given in the bank detail section, then the IBAN number, and finally the amount which you want to deposit.  

After doing the deposit either by the online app in which case you have to take screenshot of the transaction as proof Or if you have done it by visiting the bank branch then you will have to take a photo of the deposit slip. Now let's say you have the proof picture either the deposit slip or transaction screenshot. The next step is to go to the deposit page again, where you have to click new investment,  then amount and currency. If you are already on that page then just scroll down below the bank details you will get the upload button where you have to upload the screenshot or deposit slip picture, the next value is transaction id which you have to provide or if you don't have it just write the date of deposit slip,  let say it's 21-11-2020 today so I'll try it as 21112020. Also make sure to select the bank from the list to which you have deposited the amount, which in my case I'll select Habib Metropolitan Bank from the list. That's all you need to do, now click submit payment and your deposit will get approved within some days. As soon as you click submit payment, the page will get refreshed and you will get a deposit page where you will be able to see your payment status in pending and after  24 hours in most cases, your payment will get approved.

One last thing about the deposit is to consider the b4u deposit charges as well:

  • 0 - $300: No fees
  • $301 - $1000: $10
  • $1001+ : $30

So if you want to deposit $700 for some plan so don't deposit $700 only instead you should deposit $710 so after fees you get $700. I hope you got the method of how you can deposit money into your B4U account. Still, need to ask something? Comment below and I'll get back to you soon. :). You can also join our Whatsapp Group where you will get updates and helping comments if you need some: 

You can also get blog article detail in the video tutorial completely in URDU below. 

How to deposit money in B4U account (using PKR)

How to deposit money in B4U account (using PKR)

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  1. Question: I don't understand the deposit part. Can you explain the two investment plans? Thank you

    Answer: Well, it's simple enough if you want to avail investment plan you will need to deposit that same amount to your account which is mentioned in the investment plans.

    Let say you want to avail of the Aurora plan, for that you will have to deposit $3000 to your account, nowhere is thing for two deposit options. The one is a new investment which means you are new and don't have any money in your account then you will have to use the first option to get their transaction detail and you will have to deposit that specific amount of money to their bank but don't just deposit $3000 instead deposit $3030 because of deposit fees. 0 -

    $300: No fees
    $301 - $1000: $10
    $1001+ : $30 .

    For example, if you want to deposit $700 for the blue moon plan, don't just deposit $700 only instead you should deposit $710 so after fees you get $700. After processing you will see that deposited amount in your wallet.

    Now here comes the second option, re-investment is like investing the profit or bonus again in your account. Let say for the first time you deposited about $400 and now after some time, you got some good profit and bonus. Instead of withdrawing you can invest that profit again in your account. For example, the profit you have in your account is $300 and the deposited amount is $400, so you can re-invest that $300 to your account, and your deposited amount will be $700 afterward, which means you also got the Blue Moon plan.

    I hope you got your detail. :)

  2. Hi , nicely explained. For just more understanding I want to know that, can I deposit multiple times to escape fees? For example . If I want Blue moon plan. can I deposit three times (300+300+100)to avail blue moon plan.

    1. Yes you can do that but the thing is if you transfer 300 and 300 in the same day and let say it got approved on the same day then there is problem on receiving side of the account as the account will get $600 in the deposit wallet which means its more than $300 so B4U will deduct $10 as fee.

      So to avoid such deduction you will have to wait for each approval after than you can transfer the other amount like for example, 300 on one day, 300 on another day and lastly 100 on another day.

      I hope you got my points.



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Tigerzplace: How to deposit money in B4U account (using PKR)
How to deposit money in B4U account (using PKR)
I am showing you how to deposit money in your b4u account safe and easily using PKR currency.
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