Complete details about B4U Global - 2021

Want to Make Money Online Without Investment?. Stick with this blog article and you will learn how to earn money without investment. It's really not that without any penny at all but still you will just need $0 - $50 min and in return, you can make money online in thousand of dollars. It's not just a catchy word but a genuine working method with complete video instructions + proof in the end. I'll focus on people who are looking for trusty and profitable platforms to invest their money and make money online without any hard work, in fact, no work at all and get some good profit from it.

The blog article might be lacking new information, it's outdated as many new changes to policy, investment plans, and fee charges are implemented. Most importantly there is an ongoing NAB CASE on B4U. I'll update the blog article soon with complete new details, for right now you can get a little detail in the B4U Global Review section down in the article. 

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How to make money online fast with B4U Global

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Making money online has become very popular all over the world, especially in Pakistan. We all know that people of all ages try to find online methods like “How to earn money online in Pakistan without investment?”. 

For many online users, making money online would be an absolute dream come true. If they could find a way to make money online with a simple website or some other online earning method. People will quit their job and start working online to earn some money with ease. allowing them to spend more time with their family, and finally take full ownership of their business & their lives. It's like becoming and focusing on entrepreneurship. 

Sadly you need a lot of time and hard effort to earn money online in Pakistan. Whether it’s earning money with Google Adsense,  Earning money on Youtube, or doing freelancing. But don't worry in this blog article I'll be giving you the best source so far which I tested myself to make money online and it's not just limited to Pakistan but extended to 12+ more countries. It's not just a typical method of online earning websites in Pakistan, it's also not the method of earning money online in Pakistan by typing or clicking ads. It's somewhat linked to affiliate marketing and also a good source of income if you just want to invest and you get a profit for your investment. Even students with a low budget can start this earning method, which will help a lot to get them to make money online. You don't need to do hard work at all, it's like an easy way to earn money online free at home. Why I said free?? well just stick with this article and you will see how I started at 0$ and how my friend started at only 50$.  So far he earned $3000+ from it.! So let's stick with the method and by the end of this article, you will have almost a complete guide on how to start making money online fast with B4U Global website. 

 How to make money online fast with B4U - [Easy Way]

I'll be guiding you on how to earn money online using B4U and how to increase that earning by using their affiliate program. Now before listing the whole method, if you already know about B4U and you are not sure about it so you are also encouraged to stick with this article and you will find some good proof about B4U. I'll talk about b4u global reviews, is b4u global legit? People who think b4u global is a scam or whether b4u global is safe or not?. All these questions related to b4u global real or fake, b4u global scam or real, and much more transparency about b4u global owner and company will be listed clearly. And if you are also considering Islamic teaching, so don't worry I'll be listing b4u global fatwa which has clear words for their investment plans and how they distribute profit among their investors which is totally HALAL.   

Ok now as the users are stuck with the article, let's have a guide from scratch about B4U Global Company. It's like a tutorial on "how to make money online for beginners" who don't know anything about B4U Global. 

B4U Global Details

First thing first, what B4U Global is and how it gives us profit for our investment. 

B4U is a Secure Cryptocurrency Trading Company its Infrastructure Facilitates Investment in the Cryptocurrencies industry with Daily Profit Growth on Investment. 

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It doesn't only use your investment in Cryptocurrency trading but also has an expanded network of companies where they invest your money. B4U is a group of people who have large experience in trading, investment tricks, and market scope. By using their skills and expertise they trade your investment in the market and in return you earn profit which will be your b4u global profit. Their major investment areas/ domains are as following:

  •  Investment in Trading
  •  Investment in property deals
  •  Investment in Crypto Exchange
  •  Investment in Transport Services
  •  Investment in Information Technologies
The B4U company has 26 businesses in Pakistan that most Islamic scholars agree are halal. And all those businesses are legally registered with the SECP and FBR. Similarly, transactions in digital cryptocurrency are legally registered in 13 countries outside Pakistan. The company bases its profit and loss in the form of an investment agreement with the investors in the form of monthly returns. The company collects money from investors in various bank accounts registered in the name of the company. It distributes 60% of the profits from investing in legitimate and halal businesses to its members and keeps 40% for its own expenses.

The contract is made on the basis of profit and loss and in case of loss the profit is given less or not given at all or if compensation is possible in different cases of loss then it is fulfilled. There is no denying that the total profit in a business is distributed among the participants on the basis of participation and speculation in terms of percentage. The shape becomes that which is invalid.
But it is important to mention here that B4U company generates 60% of the total profits to be distributed among the members and keeps 40% for the growth of the company. This distribution of profits is called the first distribution and when the same 60% of the profits are distributed among the members, the capital of each member is made the standard and the individual 60% is distributed which is called the second distribution which is, in fact, the first distribution. In other words, the actual profit is divided by 60% of each member's capital, which according to the average economist can be estimated at 7% to 20% of the capital. Not sure because sometimes when the company makes a loss, the profit is less or not paid at all. While listeners and viewers are under the delusion that 7% to 20% profit is being given. But the real points are mentioned above.

B4U Global Profit

As it's cleared what B4U Global is?. Now let's talk about b4u global profit.  How and when you get a profit? as it's mentioned above that daily profit growth on the investment is achieved, so we also get daily profit. For a detailed percent view how much b4u global today profit is? you will find a b4u global daily profit chart in your dashboard. Even non-registered users can see b4u global profit chart which shows daily profit % except for Saturday & Sunday because they don't trade on these two days and you also don't get any profit from it. 

Your profit income is from 7% to 20% per month of the investment depending on your invested money and b4u global investment plans. 

Roughly you can get 7K PKR for 100K PKR invested money. For a detailed calculation of profit, you can check out b4u global calculator. You just enter your invested money amount and slide the duration. It will calculate how much you will get profit for that specific time. 

What about loss?

There are 26 companies registered and all are halal and legitimate business and the matter between the parties is decided on the basis of profit and loss and loss along with profit is also certain so there are different forms of compensation. 
  • If the company suffers a loss for any reason, it should be compensated by further profiting from other companies. 
  • Or the loss should be compensated by the company which is keeping 40% profit. 
  • Or the loss should be compensated from a dedicated fund or foundation. If it is not possible to compensate for all these business losses, then the loss will now be compensated with capital.

Double Your B4U Earning

You remember I said you can also increase your earning and get double or even triple your online earning using their affiliate program. Without the affiliate program, you just get the daily profit depending on your deposited money and investment plan which is roughly like getting double the amount of your actual invested money by next year. For example, you invest about 10,00000 PKR, you get round about double 200K PKR by next year but it's not fixed profit as it will hold HARAM and HALAL conversation over it so yeah it's completely HALAL and you just get close to that amount or more than that in 12 months. But many users who invest let say $50, they will only get 50 dollars as profit after 12 months ??? Aha! well, that's not good at all for students like me who can't invest a big amount. Well, don't worry that's why the affiliate program will help you triple this money like in the beginning I already said with a $50 deposit my friend has earned more than $3000 by now and still earning a lot Alhamdulillah ^__^. Now before jumping to affiliate program details, first learn about b4u global investment plans and how it can help you get more profit and bonus profit which you get from affiliate program/ referring new users to join b4u global.

Fatwa regarding B4U

The first is that it is reasonable to issue a fatwa without any research and evaluation on the basis of the knowledge and information of an unrelated questioner without complete knowledge and details about any such issue (which requires research and details) in Shariah. , Legal and ethical in no way correct.
Unless there is complete satisfaction after knowing the details, then a valid and illegitimate fatwa should be issued so that the right of the parties can be protected from loss. Otherwise, it is one of the principles of the fatwa to pause until the details are obtained, so that matters such as referring later or changing the fatwa, etc. So any negative reviews/ fatwa there will be old and the chances are more that they will have missing detail. You can double-check the latest fatwa with the given details which are given above related to B4U business.

B4U Global Investment Plans

There are 6 b4u global investment plans, but I'll be just explaining one plan and the rest follow the same rules.

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B4U Global Investment Plans

TIFFANY is the first plan which you get after registering your account in B4U and requires a min of $0-$50 deposit to your account.  Now here is the thing you get profit as well as one time bonus of $ for every new user you refer to this platform. This tree can be extended to 5 tiers but in the first plan, you only get profit+bonus% from your refers users up to 3 tiers. It means if you refer a user let say A to this platform you get a 3% bonus for A investment and then further get profit all year long. The good point is that you also get profit and bonus for a user which is referred by user A.  Let say if user A which you have referred to this platform, refers another user B to this platform you also get a bonus of 2%, and furthermore, if B refers to user C, you still get 1%. This can be extended to users D and F as well but in bigger plans which are shown in the picture above. 

The above description is just for the first plan which is stated on their site as follow:

The affiliate bonus from the deposit of the investor you invited will make:

  • first-line - 3%, 
  • second-line - 2%, 
  • third line - 1%, 
  • fourth line -0%,
  • fifth line - 0% .

The affiliate bonus from the profit received by the investor you invited will make:

  • first-line - 3%, 
  • second line - 1%, 
  • third line - 1%, 
  • fourth line - 0%, 
  • fifth line - 0%.

Increase Your Earning by B4U Global Affiliate Program

That's why I said you can earn money without investment and even the users who have invested money can double or even triple this earning by simply just referring a new user. Affiliate programs kinda work the same. With affiliate marketing, you partner with brands and businesses within the content of your website. If you mention a product or service, you link to that produce or service using a unique affiliate code you received when you signed up for that particular affiliate program. From there, you’ll make money any time someone buys a product or service through your link.

The same method is followed here but instead of suggesting a product we will refer users to join this program using our own unique referral link like this:

You can find your own affiliate link in the dashboard section once you register and get an approved account of B4U. If you got a blog go for it and write a blog for it, if you don't have a good convincing blog article then you can refer my blog and video to users with your own affiliate link. I hope you are convinced why I mentioned that this method is to make money online without investment.

Now before talking about b4u global owner, b4u global reviews & b4u global fatwa. Let's see how you can withdraw your profit, bonus, or deposited money from B4U Global.

B4U Global Withdraw Process

The withdrawal procedure is pretty straightforward and simple, you get 2 wallets in your account. The first one is your profit wallet, and the second one is your bonus wallet which means you can withdraw money from both of your wallets but you can't just combine the money from both wallets into one. For example, if you have  $530 in your profit wallet and 230$ in your bonus wallet you can't just withdraw $760 at once from both wallets. In the withdraw section you get a list of wallets and you have to select the wallet and then the amount to withdraw it. You can withdraw your amount to your Bank Account or Cryptocurrency wallet.

In the withdrawal process, a fee of $10 is charged when you withdraw up to $500, and $20 will be charged as a fee if you want to withdraw more than $500 (these charges apply when you use Cash Withdrawal). If you want to withdraw from cashbox to bank then the charges are:

  • $40 - $500: $6
  • $500+ : $20

One more thing about the wallet is that you can withdraw from your profit wallet once a month, however from a bonus wallet you can withdraw as much as you want. 

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For the exchange rate, you will be notified in your dashboard, but for the dollar rate, you won't get the exchange rate of the whole world. They have a static exchange rate of 150PKR /USD and you get that exchange rate whether you deposit into your account or withdraw from it. For example, if the current dollar rate is 168 PKR, you won't be considering this for your withdrawal or deposit amount. By the time I am writing this blog article B4U exchange rate is 150 PKR per 1 USD and it should remain that way until you don't get any new exchange rate which in 7+ months still the same so you don't need to worry about asking for updates right now.

Deposit Wallets (Profit/ Bonus)

Now I also have to clear one thing about the deposit wallet, you can also withdraw your deposited amount. But the recommended investment term is 6 months and more which means let the deposited amount get mature for  6 months or more so if you want to withdraw your money you can get it without any fees. You can still withdraw your profit or bonus any time but there is a limit in deposited amount withdrawal as it can't be withdrawal directly if its maturation time is less than 6 months. Still, you can withdraw it but the company will get fees for it which are mentioned below.

- For pre-term withdrawal of funds(investment) from the portfolio (deposit):

    1. within the period up to 60 days - 35%
    2. within the period up to 120 days - 20%
    3. within the period up to 180 days - 10%
    4. 6 month and more - 0%

Once you request for withdrawal, the process takes from 5 to 10 working days. Application for withdrawal may be executed on any day. 

More detail about B4U 

Let's see some transparency for the company which will make you convinced that it's not any scam. B4U Global is registered under the number 2488221, at the address 335-A Melawati Urban 1 Lorong Serawak Taman Melawati 53100 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

The Registrar of Companies for England and Wales, hereby certified that B4U Global LTD is this day incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 as a private company, that the company is limited by shares, and the situation of its registered office is in England and Wales

B4U is also registered as B4U GROUP OF COMPANIES, S.L. in Europe - Spain (Mercantile register of Alicante - tomo 4226, folio 216, inscripción 4ª, hoja A-165838) with VAT NUMBER B42646133 and domiciled in Alicante, Plaza de los Luceros 17, 9th floor, 03004.

The above detail is picked from the official website of B4U. You can also download the full details PDF file here. 

B4U Full Details

B4U Registered Business Details

B4U Global Reviews

Many people had already given positive B4U global reviews over the internet which you can search and get a ton of convincing positive reviews. But right now as I am updating this blog article on 28 JUNE 2021, there is an ongoing CASE of NAB on B4U. I'll update this section once it's sorted out well, in my view the pyramid scheme which they are offering, should not be there as many scam companies had used such schemes to SCAM people. Let say everything goes well after the case as today in ISB Highcourt the hearing was on the B4U side provided with great arguments. The next hearing will be on 14 July 2021 on which the case will proceed. Anyway as I was saying once everything goes well, B4U should remove this pyramid scheme as it's something most Scam companies are using and if B4U itself is doing something good then they should consider frameworks, schemes that don't fall in SCAM categories. 

B4U Global Contact

You can get in contact with the company using the b4u global contact form: HERE. You can also get in touch with b4u global support team via email: [email protected].

B4U Global Call Center
+92 42 32503445

How to Register in B4U Global - B4U Global  Sign Up

I hope you got all the points and guide about B4U Global, now I'll show you how to make an account in B4U Global Website and start making money online from home. There are many fake websites with the name of B4U make sure to use the link I'll be provided below and register an account in it.

Visit B4U Global Website: Click Here

Fill up the form, make sure to provide the exact email and phone number. If you select country let say Pakistan which is in my case. Provide your number with 0 including country code as well. i.e: +92034xxxxxxx.

Once you register an account you will get a confirmation code on your phone or email. Make sure to activate your account by providing the activation code which you would have got via SMS or email.

Now once you got your account the next thing is to avail investment plan by depositing money to your account. You can also start making money online without investment which I already explained by using an affiliate program. Or if you want to deposit money in order to get of a bigger plan then you have to deposit money to your account which I will definitely encourage to deposit and avail a good plan so you can get a good % of bonus and profit from referred users. 

How to Deposit in B4U

For depositing, you just have to go to the deposit tab and write the amount you want to deposit. The exchange rate is currently 150 PKR for 1 USD (You can also deposit in Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin/ ETH/ Bitcoin Cash). Once you set all these things, click deposit and it will give you bank account information where you have to deposit. Just deposit your amount online or you can go to that bank branch and deposit personally.

You can also ask us in our WhatsApp Group and we can transfer money to your account with fewer fees. However, you can also re-invest your profit in it by simply depositing the profit or bonus, when you go to the deposit tab you get two options. 

1. New Investment, which is the above method of depositing money into their bank.

2. Re-Investment, which is not that hard and you need to select just your wallet (Profit/ Bonus) and it will deposit from your own profit or bonus and will be re-invested in your account.  Much more detail in the first comment if you want to get more detail about these investment options. One last thing about the deposit is to consider the charges for the deposit as well.  BTW these details might be not in that detail so you can check more details about the complete deposit method here: How to deposit money into B4U account

That was all about making an account, now read out some precautions which can result in your account termination so make sure you follow these policies and don't do anything bad.

The account can be blocked in the following cases:

  • - Transfer of access to other users.
  • - Registration of multiple accounts.
  • - Distribution of negative information about the Service.
  • - Use of the additional programs imitating the activity of registration records.
  • - Insults of Users, employees, or causing any negative toward the Service.
  • - Intentional attempts of deception and introduction in an error of other users.
  • - Similarly in any other case, where the decision of the Service defines that the user carries a threat for the Service and/or for other users.
  • - In case of family members accounts managed from the same IP (same location), the main account, the 1st one on the network tree, must be the one with the highest amount invested. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the blocking of all affected accounts.

I'll also encourage you to read out their partnership agreement.


The below conclusion should not be considered as discussed above in the review section there is an ongoing CASE on B4U, once it all sorted well then one should consider it otherwise for time being I'll recommend not to invest in B4U.

Aha! It was one big article to read out for making money online so far I made on this blog. If you missed some details don't worry just take my words on it and you will get an idea of how effective, genuine, and profitable this online earning method is, and you can easily make money online without investment or make money with investment but with a bigger positive review scale. So yeah a guy like me will definitely invest in it to earn a good amount of money online fast from home for free. Believe me, I am in this field surfing and searching for methods related to online earning from home a lot and already published many tutorials and methods to make money online. I started searching for such methods long ago, even searched for ways to earn money online with games playing free. I was into making money online as a teenager and after earning from many online sources like Adsense, Youtube, Cryptocurrency and many more, now I can encourage people who want to invest money or even students who don't have enough money and want to make money online without investment can use this platform. If you think about risk-taking well if you are going for an affiliate program and don't want to invest then there is no risk at all, however, if you are planning to invest and still confused about reviews then just take my simple words. Scam website doesn't long last for such a period, secondly, scam companies don't register their business like this in many countries so yeah b4u global is kinda different with many profitable schemes to earn money online. It's like investing money and getting profit every day. Furthermore, you can double your earning by using their affiliate program, and referring a user means more $ profit % depending on your plan. In my circle, I have 15+ people who already have earned and got their money from it. I hope this method will help you to make money online fast with B4U Global.  

I'll be leaving a video tutorial for this method below, make sure to watch it for better understanding. 

How to make money online fast with B4U Global - [Easy Way]

For English tutorials, you can check out this link. How to make money online fast with B4U Global - English Tutorial.

Users who are searching for the following terms related to making money online might find this article helpful. Share it with your friends who want to earn money online. If you want to ask something go ahead and leave a comment.

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  1. I don't understand the deposit part. Can you explain the two investment plans. Thank you

    1. Well it's simple enough, if you want to avail investment plan you will need to deposit that same amount to your account which is mentioned in the investment plans.

      Let say you want to avail Aurora plan, for that you will have to deposit $3000 to your account, now here is thing for two deposit options. The one is new investment which means you are new and don't have any money in your account then you will have to use the first option to get their transaction detail and you will have to deposit that specific amount of money to their bank. After processing you will see that deposited amount in your wallet.

      Now here comes the second option, re-investment is like investing the profit or bonus again in your account. Let say for the first time you deposited about $400 and now after some time you got some good profit and bonus. Instead of withdrawal you can invest that profit again in your account. For example the profit you have in your account is $300 and deposited amount is $400, so you can re-invest that $300 to your account and your deposited amount will be $700 afterwards, which means you also got the Blue Moon plan.

      I hope you got your detail. :)



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Tigerzplace: Complete details about B4U Global - 2021
Complete details about B4U Global - 2021
Want to Make Money Online Without Investment?. Stick with this blog article and you will learn how to earn money without investment.
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