5 Gb Videos - Android App Development Course

If you have learned basics of android app development  "Android App Development Course For Beginners ( Android Studio )", then its time to jump to another advance level of Android App Development Course which I am sharing with you guys in this blog post.

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Android App Development Courses For Free

5 Gb Videos - Android App Development Course

After the success download ratio of Php Tutorials, I decided to share another full video course of android app development course which I downloaded long ago from Youtube playlist, from which I myself used to learn android app development basics and advanced aspects of it. I hope you will also find this android app development course very helpful. 

In my previous post about android app development course for beginners it included all the basic steps like basic start up videos : introduction to android apps , working environment which will be android studio , the development phase and goes on to professional programming touch which will make you able to work with game development for android like : LibGDX Game Development , LibGDX Game Project Structure,  LibGDX Displaying Text,  LibGDX Displaying Images,  LibGDX Game Animation, LibGDX Handling User Input, then dealing with camera and finally ending up with LibGDX Sound Effects and Streaming Music. However this video pack of 5 Gb - android app development course include much more advance touch as well. Getting in touch with these tutorials will make you able from Hello World and making your way upto professional apps providing contents to other users.

This android app development course is done using Android Studio. Android Studio makes it more easy to work with android app development. It contain many features like: 

  • Apk Analyzer
  • Fast Emulator
  • Intelligent Code Editor
  • Flexible Build System
  • Real-time Profiles
  • And much more tools

To get overview of all the features and detail visit their official site : Developers.Android.
Download the latest version of android studio from their official site.

Additionally I am also providing source codes for some android app development projects which can help you to practice. You can download the source files from the links given below.

Source Code for some Android Apps Projects
Link 1 :
Link 2 :

5 Gb Videos - Android App Development Course

You can download all the android app development tutorials pack from the link given below.

Alternate Link

5 Gb Videos - Android App Development Course

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