Claim as Group Admin using TFF 4.1.3

AoA :) Hey there Tigerz. Its been long time with no update for toolkit for Facebook. Actually I updated it several times but as always there were some issues with claim as group admin Facebook script in the toolkit for fb. So after the latest update of toolkit for Facebook 4.1.3 I did some changes to the script and its working now but you will have to do a little manual work for it to claim groups without any admin on Facebook.

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Claim as Group Admin using TFF 4.1.3

Claim as Group Admin using TFF 4.1.3

So in this blog post I'll be sharing a complete method how to claim groups without admin on Facebook using Toolkit for Facebook 4.1.3, yep you are gonna learn how to use claim as group admin tool. Before starting up straight away I'd like to mention some requirements and understanding which you guys need to understand or you will end up asking me again and again that its not claiming any groups. I'll be making a video tutorial for it as well but for right now in this blog post just understanding the working of the tool.

How Claim as Group Admin Works!

First thing is straight forward and almost everyone know that claim as group admin tool actually tries to claim those groups which  has no admin or moderator, the same way when users tried to claim groups with no admin using manual method by going into the group options and clicking claim as admin. So the this tool pretty much do the same thing but make it much easier as first it will loads all your groups and then try to claim those which has no admin(s) automatically,  but as by now many of you will know that if you try to claim groups with no admin even manually some groups still can't be claimed. That's why some users might think that if the group has no admin still toolkit for Facebook is not claiming it so just keep in mind that if tool is not able to claim it you can't claim it manually as well. That's it to keep in mind just run the claim as group tool and let it do its work,  if its getting you groups then congratulations but if not then don't just comment complaining its not working. The tool (claim as group admin Facebook) is fixed and I checked it so don't mix up the working of claiming groups with toolkit functionality. If there were any errors in the toolkit for Facebook I'll try to fix but right now the claim as group admin script is all ok which I fixed recently. 

Claim as Group Admin using TFF 4.1.3

Now as you are aware of how the script works, let's jump into its usage how you can claim groups without admin on Facebook.  Off course first of all you will need to download Toolkit for Facebook 4.1.3 from links given below.

 (Toolkit for Facebook)
toolkit for facebook 4.1.3 license key 2020
Toolkit for Facebook 4.1.3 with License Key | by Tigerzplace

Try this link if above download doesn't work for you ►Direct Download Link 

Make sure you know how to install toolkit for Facebook 4.1.3 if you are first time here I'll recommend to check out this video to understand properly how to install toolkit.

Once you install Toolkit for Facebook 4.1.3, then you have to follow the following simple steps.

  • Click on TFF extension icon on right top corner.
  • A popup window will be opened containing TFF 4.1.3 tools.
  • Then search for claim as group with no admin, and click start tool.
  • You will get a new tab where you will have to wait for the script to load all your groups.
  • Now select groups that you want the script to try for claiming it & Select appropriate time interval between requests to avoid getting banned.
  • Now before clicking submit button you will have to provide fb_dtsg value in the top input bar. You will notice an input bar in the center of top bar where it says "Paste fb_dtsg value from Facebook source".
  • To get fb_dtsg value, simple just go to Facebook and right open its source code by clicking CTRL+U on keyboard or right click on Facebook page and click go to source code in the menu. 
  • Now simple using search bar (CTRL+F), type fb_dtsg and you will get that input tag. Just copy the value from where it says value="Some Random:String". And finally just paste in the input field and click on submit button.

After clicking on submit button, claim as group admin tool will start the process of claiming groups adminship of selected groups.You will notice information about the process in the event log below.

While using this tool for claiming groups with no admin, you must make sure that you are using appropriate delay time intervals between each requests. Not only this tool but using any other tool like Facebook Auto Poster as well make sure to follow safety tips which I explained in my video for you guys.

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Well that's all for you guys regarding the latest & updated version Toolkit for Facebook which has a fixed script of claim as group admin. I hope you will find this blog post helpful, if you are getting any confusion I'll recommend to watch the video below about claim as group admin using tff 4.1.3

Claim as Group Admin using TFF 4.1.3

Claim as Group Admin using TFF 4.1.3


  1. the number extraction is not working, please work on that

  2. Thank you for this article but is there any way that I can identify fb groups that doesn't have admin without me having to join those groups that I want to claim their adminship?

    1. You are welcome.

      Well I don't think there is such method or tool to identify groups without admin. May be some can code it if someone want it.


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