Bytecoin (BCN) Mining Silent Miner - 2019

Hey there Tigerz!!!. I am back with another cryptocurreny silent miner & In this blog artcile I'll be sharing Bytecoin (BCN) Mining Silent Miner for Minergate. I previously shared XMR Silent Miner and Zcash Silent Miner , now this time I m sharing bytecoin bcn silent miner which can be used for bytecoin bcn mining. This silent miner is much more faster and better than the previous one. Its FUD and Hidden miner which once excited will start bytecoin bcn mining for you and it will be collected in your minergate profile. Secondly good thing about the miner is that it is persistent like if you restart your pc, the miner will also automatically start in the background silently.

If you have pc or laptop other than your own used pc and want to earn some money using that pc or even on your current pc, so the best way off course most of users are using it as a miner so it can mine cryptocurreny. The same case is here if you want to setup your own Bytecoin BCN Mining Silent Miner (Minergate Silent Miner) so you don't need to start it every single time but just for once run it and it will run for ever until you stop it.

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Bytecoin (BCN) Mining Silent Miner - 2019

Bytecoin (BCN) Mining Silent Miner - 2019

First thing first, you will need minergate account, as the silent miner wallet is minergate. Minergate is like a miners supported mining site which helps you to mine any cryptocurreny and you don't need that extra pool setup and all those technical stuff but just you make an account in minergate and download their miner which starts mining using your pc but that's not too good if you want mine silenty or on another extra pc you have but don't want to run the miner every single time. SO for that I'll be sharing my miner which is safe, Faster and good. I made it with some vbs and batch scripts. Other than that I used xFast minergate cli miner which is much more faster than other miners out there. You can check all my files and even can replace it with latest miner if minergate release new version of xFast Miner by the time you are watching the video but for right now its working and undetected so Anti Virus won't create problems if you want to run it on your pc. So that was about the bytecoin silent miner and minergate. Now let's setup the silent miner.

Make MinerGate Account  ►

Once you got your account in MinerGate. Now the next thing is you will need to download the miner.

(Bytecoin BCN Mining Silent Miner)
download xmr silent miner (xmr miner cpu) 2019
Bytecoin BCN Mining Silent Miner by Tigerzplace

Bytecoin (BCN) Mining Silent Miner - 2019

  • Once you got the miner just extract it using WINRAR. Make sure you got winrar as we will need this further for just one point. You can download winrar from
  • After extraction you need to setup something. To use Bytecoin BCN Mining Silent Miner you need to edit "start.bat" file.
  • Right click on "start.bat" file and click edit.
  • Then replace "[email protected]" with your email which you use for mingergate account.
  • Save the file and now just open the miner file with Winrar and drag "start.bat" file into the "bytecoin bcn silent miner by Tigerzplace.exe".

You will also find "Tigerzplace %.rar" file in the folder which is my percentage, If you are willing to include my percentage so I'll also get some earning from your miner. So just extract the files and drag and drop it to the bytecoin bcn silent miner file and if you just wanna make your own silent miner no percent, no share, no nothing at all just yours. Then just delete this rar file and only drag and drop your start.bat file only into the miner file.

That's all for the setup. Now just open the miner and it will start mining for you. You can check you log in your minergate profile.

Keep in mind that it will take some time to update the worker and hash rate status in your MinerGate account.

[Closing] - If you want to close/stop the miner. For that open TASK Manager and go to processes or detail, there find "win" name in the list and close it by right clicking and pressing "End Task".

And if you completely want to stop the miner so it doesn't start the next time you start your pc, so for that you will need to disable it from startup. Just disable the startup key which is Updates.vbs.


As I said it will be persistent so as I run the silent miner, after my pc restarts it will start bytecoin bcn mining again in the background so I don't need to restart it again and again. I just need to run it once. It basically makes a startup key so every time it will run in startup.


So that's it but before logging out I'd like to include testing method as well because some user might get error so I'll show you how you can check your miner. Like it was smooth this time and its because I didn't get any error for those who get error will not see any process and that's why they get confused how to know the error so that's why I am showing you that as well in this tutorial.

All you need is to extract the miner file and we will then check the logs using the start.bat file where we can see the status of bytecoin bcn mining. But make sure you open cmd in that folder and then run the start.bat file, don't run it directly because if you get error it will disappear at once and you won't get the log at all. So after opening the terminal in that folder or cd to that directory and running the start.bat command it will start the process.

If its running alright without any error then we are good to go and you can use that executable bytecoin (bcn) mining [silent miner]. However if you get some error which can be seen in the console then you can search for it online and after fixing you can use the miner all ok. Hope this will help you more.

Well that's for this tutorial. Hope you guys will find it helpful. If you find this miner not working any more in the future. Make sure you let me know in the comment section or on my page so I'll update it for you guys.

Bytecoin (BCN) Mining Silent Miner - 2019

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Bytecoin (BCN) Mining Silent Miner - 2019

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