How to make Facebook direct report link - (Short Reporting Link)

Facebook Direct Report links are a kind of short reporting links which are very easy and helpful when it comes to multiple reporting. Now it depends why will someone need multiple reporting. For my case I usually report on fake accounts, so for that single report doesn't work at all. Short Reporting Links are handy when you need to report on accounts/ groups/ or even pages on huge amount. Facebook Direct Report Links don't require all the reporting procedure to report on Facebook account. Only user need to visit that link and need to click "Submit report to Facebook"

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How to make Facebook direct report link - (Short Reporting Link)

Accounts reported in the video test are for helping purpose. All accounts/groups/pages were either faked or offensive and were meant to expose someone's privacy on social media.

How to make Facebook direct report link 

(Short Reporting Link)

Users use short reporting link when they need to report on targeted account multiple times, as I said direct report link only need 2 steps (visiting and submitting). Reporter doesn't need to go through all the steps. Some users use short reporting links manually to report on that specific account with the help of friends. How??? well let say you created short reporting link then just share it with your friends or even in a group so people can visit that link and report on it, they will not need to go through all the process of reporting.

For me I am making this tutorial for Facebook Auto Reporter.
If you don't know what is Facebook Auto Reporter then check it out here:

Anyway it's up to you how you want to use Facebook direct report link.

Facebook Direct Report Link 

(Short Reporting Link ) - Method

  • First of all we need to change platform from normal Facebook to mbasic.
  • Let say you want to report this account :
  • So change this by replacing https:// or https://www. with mbasic.o
    • e.g:
    • will be like this :
  • Now once you change the url, you will get Facebook basic layout. Then just go through all the process of reporting. It depends why you want to report just go step by step, once you get to the last step where it says "Submit to Facebook for Review".
  • Here just check the box and click submit. Once you are done with this. You need to copy the url. It will be long url, you just need to find &av= in the end of the url. It will somewhat look like this
    • &av=1XXXXXXXXXXXXXX&eav=AfZhoGZi1atKChSRGZX29mDOSV8p5OWYCARiQL5RjMdJRYa-szDK7xUx0d47ebGhCPg&_rdr

  • It might be different in most cases but the point is you have to remove all the remaining url after &av= (including &av= as well). Generally &av= can be found at end of url after %7D (if you are using chrome) and if you are using Firefox then you will find &av= after "}" almost in the end of url.
  • Once you get rid of the long string after &av= till the end, copy the remaining url and using any short link service.
  • Like:
  • Make the link short. It will look somewhat similar to this: or
  • This link is your Facebook direct report link (short reporting link), whenever someone visit this link will get the last step of the reporting.
That's all for this tutorial. Hopefully you have got what you were searching for :)

Facebook Direct Report Link (Short Reporting Link ) - Method

Facebook Direct Report Link (Short Reporting Link )


  1. Direct report link has changed into this. What to do?"session_id"%3A"7ffcabf2-a261-cf39-caa9-34d2c96fa4b5"%2C"type"%3A2%2C"initial_action_name"%3A"MARK_AS_SCAM"%2C"story_location"%3A"page"%2C"entry_point"%3A"unknown"%2C"breadcrumbs"%3A%5B"scam"%2C"fake"%5D%2C"additional_data"%3A%7B%7D%2C"reportable_ent_token"%3A"619015334874927"%7D&redirect_uri=%2Flgbtqiahag&prev_action_info=%7B"action_name"%3A"MARK_AS_SCAM"%2C"completed_title"%3A"Marked+as+scam"%2C"completed_subtitle"%3A"You+let+us+know+that+this+Page+may+not+belong+on+Facebook"%7D&av=100009049985934&eav=AfYNLPN2pVJar8bhS3I_SzumAmX2cDFQD8KZ84Y3RPzAWLZfb4LKPGzj4nyIg0wGGdw&_rdr

    1. now remove this string from the end of the url > &av=100009049985934&eav=AfYNLPN2pVJar8bhS3I_SzumAmX2cDFQD8KZ84Y3RPzAWLZfb4LKPGzj4nyIg0wGGdw&_rdr

      You will be left with"session_id"%3A"7ffcabf2-a261-cf39-caa9-34d2c96fa4b5"%2C"type"%3A2%2C"initial_action_name"%3A"MARK_AS_SCAM"%2C"story_location"%3A"page"%2C"entry_point"%3A"unknown"%2C"breadcrumbs"%3A%5B"scam"%2C"fake"%5D%2C"additional_data"%3A%7B%7D%2C"reportable_ent_token"%3A"619015334874927"%7D&redirect_uri=%2Flgbtqiahag&prev_action_info=%7B"action_name"%3A"MARK_AS_SCAM"%2C"completed_title"%3A"Marked+as+scam"%2C"completed_subtitle"%3A"You+let+us+know+that+this+Page+may+not+belong+on+Facebook"%7D

      now just shor the url with and you can then use it for multiple direct reports.

    2. New Updated video for short reporting link method 2019 >


    3. cannot access page through mbasic anymore, any suggesstions?

    4. try and then go with the process.

    5. Hi! I tried the suggestion, but every time I try to access the page with the pageid it redirects to the page url (even when I try to replace it on a later step in reporting). Is there any way to prevent this from happening so that I can get through to the confirmation part and generate a url as above?

    6. Well that's not an issue if it redirects to the page url (username) you can still go with the reporting and in last you can get rid of the av part if you get in the url end.

      However if you still getting some error which is stopping you to proceed with method then let know on my page I'll help you out there.


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