Mac Downloader Manager - FOLX 4

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FOLX 4 for Mac Full Version

Mac Downloader Manager - FOLX 4

FOLX 4 for Mac (Full Version) | Folx is a free downloader for MAC OS with a genuine Mac-style interface. It offers helpful downloads overseeing, adaptable settings, and so on. Folx has a one of a kind arrangement of arranging and keeping the downloaded substance.

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Free Mac Download Manager
Folx has an advance interface with support of Retina. It has unique sorting and storing system for the downloaded content with a review for those downloaded files.

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FOLX for Mac Full Version

Mac Downloader Manager - FOLX 4

Mac Downloader Manager Features

  • Speed control Feature: Increase full authority over the downloading speed by either changing it manually or enabling Folx to do that automatically for optimal options.
  • iTunes Integration Feature: All music & videos which downloads with Folx automatically can be copied to iTunes playlists with names and all info like tags date etc which is assigned to downloads.
  • Schedule Downloads Feature: You can pick the most appropriate time for beginning the download and set up how Folx will carry on after completing the download: close down the framework, change to sleeping mode, or just quit Folx.
  • Speed and Fast Downloading Feature: Folx  can part the downloads in up to ten parts (threads), which can significantly helps in the increase of download speed.

Folx 4 for Mac (downloader for mac)

OS X 10.7+
HDD: 26.86 Mb

Mac Downloader Manager - FOLX 4

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