How to Make Money on Youtube

I am sure you searched and watched a lot of videos on youtube. If you asked me I am a regular searcher for methods and tutorials. Now everyone do have their own choice, but just forget about it. Did you ever notice the views on videos, some do have million of views. Now the creamy part is that the more views on Youtube videos, the more the creator get money for it . Yup you got it right . Youtubers earn a lot of money for their videos.You’ve probably heard stories about regular people earning money on YouTube and if you didn't then it is the sad part for you . Anyway don't worry if you ever heard and thought 'How to make money on YouTube' then I am sure you got your search right for it.
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How to Make Money on Youtube

Today I am sharing the basic key points and view through which you can also start "making money on YouTube". I know how hard it is to figure out the right method and get the key point for 'how to make money online' and I know it, because I am one of the searcher who is working and searching on such topics and already posted some methods in Online Earnerz. I got the focus for publishing post for 'How to make money on YouTube' after the previous post How To Make Money Online but users found it difficult. Well I don't wanna make the post boring so will just jump to the point and get start with how to make money on YouTube

How to Make Money on YouTube

Making money on YouTube is not that simple to learn from single post. But hey don't worry what I am gonna do is point out all the points how you can start making money on YouTube and how YouTube pay you money. So after listing all the steps I am gonna share download link for whole video course how to make money on YouTube - Urdu tutorials (I'll be uploading whole course from A-Z in English as well later on). I am sure this post will also clear enough for you guys to make a start and earn money on YouTube, but still there are a lot of things that will help you to boost your earning, like SEO,  some basic tips how you can make videos for YouTube and how you can earn money from those videos on YouTube. Some more tips also needed to have ease methods of doing the work on YouTube. So here are the steps which are needed to start YouTube earning.

How to Make Money on YouTube

I am listing the short over view of how you can make money on YouTube, so if you miss something which is not clear for right now don't worry for it as I included all video tutorials in detail which will make you crystal clear on understanding how to make money YouTube.  And one more thing in short that how actually you get revenue (money) from YouTube, why YouTube pay you for your videos and how it works.

How Youtube Earning Works

So basically YouTube pay you for videos once you enable Monetization you get paid for videos on your adsense account. Well dealing with all these steps are in the tutorials, so don't worry for right now ( you will understand all the steps in the videos tutorials given below) just for right now get the point that you will be paid for your video views. So if you are thinking that the more views you get on my videos the more you earn ????? . YES its the right point and the whole key is the views but wait !!! views include a lot more stuff as well: like the keyword rank, its density, traffic and much more. Don't panic its not that hard but it seems hard right now as you don't know much about all these stuff but hey all the detail instructions are in the tutorials so no need for worry. Hope you got the point that YouTube earning works on Ad Revenue and you get paid for your views because you allow YouTube to place ads on your videos, so when ever viewers come to watch your videos you get paid for it.

Remember one thing if you want really to earn online money, then just stick to YouTube earning . Its hard in startup but don't focus on money in start up just focus on your work and once you got the boost you will have a good decent money package after wards for sure ^_^  InshaaAllah :) .

 OK now lets have a look on the main steps where you can get the key points.

How to Make Money on YouTube

  • First thing first you will need a YouTube channel. You can make one using YouTube account . A YouTube account is the same as a Google account, Click Here to know How to Make YouTube account 
  •  After getting your channel, Go to channel features tab and enable implies you are permitting YouTube to put advertisements in your video. This likewise implies you recognize that there is no copyrighted material in your video. 
  • One more thing after monetzation you will need to link Adsense account with YouTube . So to do so you need to click 'how I am gonna pay' in monetization tab after you enable monetization. It will get you to the setup tab where you will sign up with google adsense account . Make sure you enter the whole detail correctly while linking adsense , as all your money will be transferred from YouTube to adsense account and then from adsense you can get the money by paypal , any other banking account or even using western union. That's enough for right now to have an idea of adsense. More details will be in the videos.
  • Once you got your channel ready, start uploading videos to your channel. But its not like you just get videos and start uploading. You need to be a creator. Start making videos for your YouTube channel ( YouTube Channel is specific for the keyword you selected ) . 
  • Now the last thing is to share your videos as much as you can , its not the same as promoting your stuff . Its somewhat different and SEO is the thing which is solid sticky for YouTube earning and even for other online business as well. So SEO is a key point for online earning.
  • You will get the some basic SEO videos in the course but in addition you will have to search for you self that how you can rank your youtube videos. 
  • I'll be sharing some SEO stuff on this site as well. So make sure you "Follow us on Email' to get new updates.
  • That's all what I could fold for the short view of how to make money on YouTube.  
I hope you got some of the view of getting the point how people earn money on YouTube.

I am sharing the tutorials link below. You can download full course for how to make money on YouTube in Urdu

How to Make Money on Youtube

This will help you a lot to get started with YouTube earning and learn how to make money on YouTube.


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