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Asalam O Alaikum Friends. After sharing about How to increase internet speed , I thought to share something about Facebook. Many of us know very well the wild use of Facebook now a days, similarly beside using it many users face that number of problems and issues as well , so for that they search for it . Our goal is the same to provide the best working method and Facebook tricks as possible . Beside the helping point its visible how much users search for Facebook related terms or should I say tricks :D. Well that’s not well concern point but how ever many of users search for tweaky things like ‘how to find some one ip ‘, ‘Facebook photo verification‘ and some more as well. Beside these terms many users now a days are searching for ‘How do I turn of Seen feature on Facebook ‘ , ‘How to hide seen feature ‘ , ‘How to disable last seen Facebook chat feature ‘, ' Facebook messages seen disable method ', 'How to hide or disable seen feature from Facebook chat' and some what related to Facebook messages seen feature . Good news for those who were looking for this method , because today I am gonna show how to ‘Disable Seen Feature in Facebook Chat

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Disable Seen Feature in Facebook Chat

Don’t worry the method is not too tweaky to have trouble doing it . It’s just 4-5 steps work to do . Yes yes it’s not that hard.You can disable seen feature in Facebook chat in just couple of seconds .

What we will need is just to install an extension named ‘Unseen Extension’.

This extension simply blocks sending your ‘seen’ status from being sent to the other party. There is one glitching thing in it , If you open the other party’s inbox, the ‘seen’ status will still be sent. Other wise when you are just chatting and not opening the whole chat notification then the seen feature will not sent to the user.

Since it blocks the ‘seen’ status from being sent, it means Facebook won’t detect that you’ve read the message and that's why will show a notification on your inbox icon. Notification is the indication that still the message is in unread status .

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I hope you got how it works. No need of extra tricky stuff or method, just install the extension to your browser. Links are below for the extension.

For Chrome Users: https://goo.gl/wCtiKA
For Firefox Users:  https://goo.gl/AHThUz



That’s all you need to do . You are done for the method at this point. Congratulation you got full working method and now your seen feature for Facebook message is disable.

Hope you will like it, also share the method with your friends . Sharing is Caring ^_^ ♥

‘Disable Seen Feature in Facebook Chat’

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