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Facbook Social Toolkit Free License Key For LifeTime

Facbook Social Toolkit Free License Key 

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Today I am sharing Facebook Social Toolkit Free License Key.I already have shared one video for patching FST and getting all premium tools. That video is uploaded on Youtube @ Facebook Social Toolkit Full Version | License For Free. 
The problem coming is users are getting difficulties due to the new version, so I thought to share an updated Facebook Social Toolkit Free License Key method. Actually I am trying to share FST.crx file from which you guys will be able to add it to your browser and also providing license key which will be working perfectly :p . That's the tricky part how on earth the license will be working for life time :D . Well just make sure you cover the whole article and I am sure you will be able to get Facebook Social Toolkit Full Version , I mean FST with License Key.The point is we will be patching the FST extension using js file (validate.js) , once done with it we will be able to use any premium tool by just providing and email and license key :D. Now that's the smile :D . Be happy and stick with me.Lets jump to the real part for getting Facebook Social Toolkit Free License Key


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Facbook Social Toolkit Free License Key 

To Get Facebook Social Toolkit Free License Key For Lifetime , We first need to add FST to our browser.But instead of just adding FST from chrome store I uploaded FST-Pack, where you will find FST.crx file (which will be used to install the extension), instructions , paths and also patch file :) :D

FST,Facebook Social Toolkit , Free License Key, FST lifetime, FST Patch, FST full version

I recently published new version FST with license key, Click Here (Recommended)

Download FST-PACK below :
FST-Pack : SwtichMe Multiple Account Whatsapp

After Getting FST-PACK, Follow The Steps Below:

1. Open Google Chrome and Go to Settings and then Extensions

2. Drag and Drop the fcachklhcihfinmagjnlomehfdhndhep-2.3.1.crx file to Google Chrome Extensions page
FST,Facebook Social Toolkit , Free License Key, FST lifetime, FST Patch, FST full version

3. Click Add Extension (Facebook Social Toolkit Version will be install in your Google Chrome)

4. Now from FST-Pack>Patch Folder , Run Patch File. If you are using Chrome then run : Patch-Chrome.exe & if you are using Comodo Chromodo then run: Patch-Chromodo.exe.

  Alternate Method :
Copy validate.js file from Patch folder and paste it in the extension folder as specified below.

C:\Users\YOUR_NAME_HERE\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\fcachklhcihfinmagjnlomehfdhndhep\2.3.1_0\content\js\global\

You can also jump to the exact location by just only pasting 1 of the path in explorer , Make sure you pick the exact path according to your browser.

For Chrome

%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\fcachklhcihfinmagjnlomehfdhndhep\2.3.1_0\content\js\global\

For Chromodo

 %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Comodo\Chromodo\User Data\Default\Extensions\fcachklhcihfinmagjnlomehfdhndhep\2.3.1_0\content\js\global\

5. Go to Facebook open Social Toolkit click on any premium tool in Social Toolkit it will ask you for Email Address and Serial Key

NOTE: If you get error saying that change your Language to ENG (US) and you already have set that language so don't worry , just shift to facebook settings and then try to open the extension :) . In short go to www.facebook.com/settings and then open FST, it will work fine :) 

6. Enter any Email Address or Serial Number.

Your FST is now Full Version. Use any Premium tools just by putting any email and key :)

But + point here is you also need to disable automatic updates, for that visit:

%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Comodo\Chromodo\User Data\Default\Extensions\fcachklhcihfinmagjnlomehfdhndhep\2.3.1_0

And edit manifest.json , Find update_url & replace the link in it with : http://localhost
It should like this after replacing :
"update_url": "https://localhost"

Also have to do the same replacing editing in Secure Preferences.

You can find this file @%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Comodo\Chromodo\User Data\Default  
Just simple edit it and in search first search for : fcachklhcihfinmagjnlomehfdhndhep
And then for : update_url . You will find the same link here just replace it with http://localhost

That's All you Need to do :)

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 Watch Video Tutorial

Facbook Social Toolkit Free License Key

  Getting Facebook Social Toolkit Free License Key  was quite easy upto the 6 points :p . What I did is included one extra part and that is to disable automatic updates . And its becuase of a reason, I already have share one video for it and from user's feedback I noticed that users don't get full version FST and the js file was not working . It was becuase the extension gets update automatically and the new version is some what different and the patch was not working on it :( . But there is always a way what I did is pretty much avoided and blocked all the trouble some points and now you can get Facebook Social Toolkit Free License Key  I mean Facebook Social Toolkit For Lifetime :p .

☺ Enjoy ☺


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  1. Excelente metodo! Necesito ayuda para instalarlo, ya que chrome no me permite arrastrar e instalar en extensiones. Muchas gracias!

    1. Instead of chrome use chromodo.You can download it here : https://www.comodo.com/home/browsers-toolbars/chromodo-private-internet-browser.php

      En lugar de utilizar Chrome chromodo.You puede dowlnoad aquí: https://www.comodo.com/home/browsers-toolbars/chromodo-private-internet-browser.php)

  2. Muchas gracias por la pronta respuesta. Se trata de otro navegador con las mismas características

    1. de nada :)
      Y sí, es el mismo navegador con mismas características

  3. Buen día! Muchas gracias por los consejos anteriores. El problema que tengo actualmente es que se actualiza a la versión actual. Luego de hacer todo el procedimiento como figura en el tutorial, al cabo de dos días se actualiza. Como hago para mantenerlo en la versión 2.3.1? Y también necesito si pudiese facilitarme tutoriales para una mejor comprensión del programa. Muchas gracias como siempre! Saludos!

    1. Estoy trabajando en él :) He creado otro archivo CRX en la que sólo tendrá que instalarlo y nada más, ese archivo CRX me refiero a la extensión no tiene necesidad de hacer cosas extra una vez terminado Voy a actualizar y volveremos también subir un video para él también.

  4. buenas no me deja publicar mensajes a mis amigos sencillamente no hace nada y el token access tampoco lo genera para poder postear a todos los miembros de los grupos
    good post does not leave me messages to my friends simply do nothing and neither generates token access to post to all group members

    1. Con el fin de utilizar cartel de grupo de múltiples método de selección gráfica api uno o si desea que la herramienta de las etiquetas que todos los miembros del grupo, entonces lo siento decir que ya no funciona más :)

  5. ITS says incorrect licenese key .plz fix it dude

    1. First make sure you patch the extension using validate.js file . Once you got the patching after that you can use any email license key to validate it (Y) . You can also watch video @ : http://adf.ly/1ZPGyq

  6. i cant find any file to download

  7. you can download FST-Pack here:http://adf.ly/1ZPCk9

    btw I would like suggest to use this post : http://www.tigerzplace.tk/2016/07/facebook-social-toolkit-license-key-for.html

    and install newer version of facebook socil toolkit with new features and tools :)

    Hava a nice day !


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